Meaningful New Year Gift Ideas for all the Nature Lovers

Meaningful New Year Gift Ideas for all the Nature Lovers

For all of us, New Year is a beginning to a fresh start of 365 days. People celebrate it by making new resolutions, partying, family get-togethers, and many other fun activities. Amidst all this, gifting is the main thing that people love doing on New Year’s Eve. One can understand how important gifting is for all of us. Therefore, we make sure to surprise every person in our life.

Cakes, flowers, chocolates, etc.have always been our first pick when it comes to gifting. So, why not on this New Year let us do something different. Since it is New Year 2020, we all should make a resolution of preserving our nature. The best way to start it is by presenting our dear ones with some thoughtful New Year gifts. It will be the best gift for all nature lovers around you. They will be pleased to see the efforts you are putting on an excellent cause. If in case you are looking for something conventional yet trendy for the nature lovers, then here is a list for you.

Gift a Sapling

Have you ever imagined how your dear ones will react to seeing a sapling in your hand? Yes, you can gift them a potted sapling with a customized message on it. It will be a perfectly delightful gift for them, and they are surely going to crush their hearts on it. You need to visit the nearby nursery or botanical garden. Choose the tree which you want to gift to your nature lovers. It will be the best gift which you can plan to give to the special one on New Year’s Eve.

Send them Flowers

Flowers are the most important when it comes to gifting. You can order New Year flowers online from the best online portals. They would be very surprised to receive an alluring flower basket.

These online sites offer flowers of different species, such as lilies, tulips, roses, carnations, orchids, etc. All these species are available in different colors, and each of them has a different significance. 

Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most treasured things for every woman. It becomes more special when it is made up of the elements taken from nature. You can give them jewelry made up of seashells, sea glass, and sterling silver. These ornaments can be customized with starfish and freshwater pearls.

Organic Bedding

The most standard type of bedding comprises the one made up of organic cotton. It is made up of pure fertilizers, and there is not even a handful of chemicals used in it. It will be a perfect gift for everyone around you. One can add bed covers, blanket covers, pillow covers, and many more things in the gift pack. 

Silk Painting

The nature lovers are in immense love with birds, animals, and trees. Therefore, you can think of giving them a frame with embroidered silk painting. Artisans have been making these paintings for a long time as people love them a lot. So, on this NYE, you can gift this beautiful and worthy New Year gift. The receiver is going to love this one a lot and will always cherish this gift.

Healthy Meal Kits

Nature has so much for all of us. Be it for use in our kitchen or for eating. Yes, people can please their special ones this 2020 with a well-planned menu of healthy meals. You can get in touch with a nearby restaurant and place an order for her three-time meal. Only make sure to choose the restaurant which gives pure vegan food. Because of my experience, almost all nature lovers are vegan fans. This weekly surprise will make your dear one feel very special.

DSLR Cameras

Often it is noticed that these nature lovers are big-time fans of photography. All of you must have guessed that I am talking about gifting a DSLR camera. It is a tad bit expensive gift, but there is always a substitute for everything. Therefore, you can gift a Fujifilm Instax polaroid also. It will help them picture nature and also come in your budget.

On this New Year’s Eve, make sure to do every bit possible from your side. It will be very special if you give your dear ones what they are fond of. So, surprise the people in your life who are fond of nature.

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