Digital marketing · January 9, 2022

Making the most of Instagram for your restaurant: Sanjeev Nanda shares tips

Technology has been a major enabler when it comes to the development of various industrial sectors. Technology has also given us social media platforms, which have emerged as great marketing tools for businesses in the recent years. Instagram, in particular, has grown to become a powerful way to promote businesses.

But how can one harness the power of this platform to take their restaurant business to a whole new level? We talked to prominent Dubai-based restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda to ask for his valuable suggestions regarding the use of Instagram as a marketing tool for your restaurant. Read on to know what the ace restaurateur suggests:

Think beyond the tables

It is no secret that the ambience of a restaurant plays an important role in converting enquiries into reservations. However, in today’s busy world, it is not always possible for the guests to visit the place before booking a table for lunch or dinner. At this juncture, an Instagram profile of your restaurant can work wonders.

“Regularly posting pictures and videos of the restaurant’s interiors on Instagram and other social media platforms gives your audience a fair idea of how your place looks and feels like. These posts can attract people who are looking up for your restaurant and the ones who are casually scrolling through their feed alike,” says Sanjeev Nanda.

An easy way to connect

Before making restaurant reservations, most people like to know about various details about the restaurant – from location to menus to special discounts and beyond. After dining, they might even have some complaints or suggestions for the restaurant management and staff. However, it is not always possible for people to call up the restaurant to get their queries answered.

According to Sanjeev Nanda, a robust Instagram presence can help people gain easy access to all about your restaurant. “Besides being a virtual catalogue that it usually is considered to be, an Instagram profile for your restaurant can also serve as a grievance redressal portal. People can drop their queries through direct messages, and you can answer them quickly and conveniently,” he says.

Tap into the potential of booking journey

From inspiration to research and finally booking, and from dining in and leaving reviews – Instagram can tap into each and every stage of the booking journey. Other channels like emails, website and review sites etc. are limited to certain sections. In the opinion of Sanjeev Nanda, Instagram can effectively create a loop that taps into each step of booking, further propelling your business.

“Existing diners can invigorate other potential diners to make reservations. During and after a restaurant visit, people often post photos and videos of their experience. If your restaurant is ‘Instagrammable’, potential guests can be inspired, and your restaurant’s Instagram profile will aid them in their research. This encouragement will further drive them to make a booking themselves, thus completing the loop,” he explains.