Make Your Event Memorable

An event is an important element of any personal or professional milestone. It is essential that you pay close attention to every detail on this bid day, so that everything goes off smoothly. Addressing every crucial moment of the event is what will make the event glitch-free and eventual success. Here the top social event management company in Mumbai would share some tips on how you can make a good event great.

Create a strong and engaging pre-event buzz

Like they say, good promotion ensures 50% success of any event. Even if you assemble the best of talent, the tastiest of cuisine, and the grandest of decor at your event, if all this is not communicated to your target audience through different media channels, your event will not receive the response it deserves. After all, you would surely want full capacity at your event for it to be a grand success.

Splash your event all over social media

In this digital age, everyone is hooked to multiple digital platforms on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and YouTube. You must create a vibrant promotional campaign on social media, with attractive creatives and persuasive copy, and promote the same on leading social media channels with precise demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting, along with trending hashtags related to your event profile. This will ensure that only those users will see your communication who are most likely to attend the event. Only the digital medium offers you this level of engagement with precise targeting, which minimizes wastage of your media spends. 

Begin the event with a bang

Upon hearing the announcement that “the event is about to begin”, your audience goes into high-expectation mode and anxiously awaits the unfolding of the event. It is at this moment, that you can ensure your event’s opening makes a super impact and gets off to a rocking start. You must ensure that your guests are greeting with the utmost courtesy and taken care of with silver gloves, so to speak. The dress code of the event staff should be seamlessly integrated with the theme of your event.

Your host is the key to your event’s success

The crucial responsibility of getting your event off to a fabulously entertaining start, keeping the audience continuously engaged throughout the event, and ending the event on a memorable note rests solely with the event’s host. You must certainly not hurry in choosing your host, and take sufficient time to make your decision based on the theme of your event. It is extremely important that the profile and background of the host perfectly matches the profile of your event. The host’s profile is one of the things which influences the event goer’s decision to buy into the event. In the unfortunate event of a mismatch, your event will not meet its desired objective and not give you the desired response.   

Performance, lights and music

Make sure that your event has performances of a high entertainment level and they are accompanied by pulsating music, along with a solid display of multi-color lighting. If it is a corporate event, we recommend that the lighting be bright and, at the same time, easy on the eyes. On the other hand, an event that is targeted towards a young audience should have soft lighting which keeps the audience in semi-darkness while putting full focus on the stage performance under extremely bright lights. 

Make the final ‘Thank You’ truly memorable

After the audience has enjoyed the event and it ends, the host must thank the audience, and event sponsors if any, with a high degree of creativity. This expression of gratitude should appear genuine and straight from the heart, only then will it resonate well with the audience. Also, since you have collected the email ids of the event attendees at the time of registration, you must send them all a ‘thank you’ email, reiterating your appreciation of them taking time out to grace the event and making it a grand success. Let them feel that the success of the event was because of their attendance and participation, as this will give a favorable positioning in their minds and make them want to attend your next event.