Make a bold imprint among the categories of corporate marketing videos

Make a bold imprint among the categories of corporate marketing videos

When it comes to a captivating business video length is the first question, a perfect animated video depends on the video style and how you desire to promote it. Considering the different social media channel and video marketing objectives interpret the ideal length for your video, and this might be different for every other. Though irrespective of who you are and what you are promoting there is only answer to the question of how long the video should be as short as possible. If you are creating an animated whiteboard business video, then the shorter is, the better. 

How to determine the optimal length for whiteboard animation

In the era of online videos often the video makers forget that the audiences watch videos in several ways, either it’s on the pc, tablets or mobile devices. When considering a precise video length, you need to reassure where the video is going to be streamed. 

If the video targets your online audience, will it remain on your homepage or is it only seasonal for a particular page with the intention of higher sales? Is it to create awareness on Facebook or will it serve as the lead generation tool on YouTube, every aspect has different objectives, so every purpose video length needs to consider that?

As per the study conducted by hub spot for the thousand videos from several social media platforms the most engaging length was as per the social media platform; Facebook and YouTube 2 mins, Instagram and Twitter 30 to 40 seconds. well for the B2B business out there, LinkedIn, the videos are best if they span over 15 to 30 seconds, however, can be of 5 minutes depends on the information. 

How you can keep your animated whiteboard video engaging

The first impression is the key

Wise people claim that first impression is essential, however, when it comes to enhancing the engagement of your animated video it’s all true. As per the study conducted in the year 2015 you can keep an estimate of losing 20 percent of your audience in the first 10 seconds and 33percent in the 30 seconds while more as the time elevates. That might not a more significant period but using the right strategy can help you hook your audience at the right moment and make sure they remain for a more extended period. 

 Initiating with strong storytelling

Individuals will stay connected to longer animated whiteboard videos if they are told an exciting story. If you can keep the viewers stay interested with a compelling story with a great opener and strong visuals as well as the nicely created animated character you will have the whole crowd attention towards you. The low key trends. Remain bold and ask the audiences to come along with you, if this what your video needs then you better let it be long and exciting than a short and uninteresting.  

Ease the load times

Experts found that several audiences wander off from the videos if it’s more than 2 seconds for its load time. The switching rate enhances by 5 percent for every second and so the loading. If your website takes time to load, you need to reconsider your video hosting service before going deep in any other changes. 

Keep viewers captivated by the thumbnails

An appropriate and robust thumbnail can drag the viewer’s interest before they even intend to play. Appeal your viewers with a powerful image and compelling name that makes your video worth attention right from the start.

A robust and relevant thumbnail can pique a viewer’s interest before they even press play. Entice viewers with a powerful image or a compelling title that lets them know the value of your video right from the start.

If you still need assistance for understanding how long the corporate video needs to be

Answer the question if you are selling something.

  • If your answers are yes make it as short as possible
  • If it’s No still make it as short as can be

The animated explainer videos are a potential sales tools, and by  taking leverage of the engagement video style and medium, you can take advantage of the most potential video for any step of the customer journey keep the video short and to the point and keep people watching. 

In a nutshell

The whiteboard animation is the type of video that has proven to be highly effective in terms of engaging as well as educating people. With some of the tips above, you can make a bold imprint among the categories of videos that are still making thrills throughout the industries.

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