Major Points to Keep in Mind Before Opting for AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

Major Points to Keep in Mind Before Opting for AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

Choosing the right career is the most important step one takes in his or her life, it is a life-changing decision. On the same trail, some people even make some big mistakes while choosing their career goals.

No matter what field one chooses for the future, but the choice must be made after knowing all the pros and cons of the track.

Here, this few minutes reading is for those who are thinking of gear-up their career with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification. And even if you are looking to switch or upgrade your designation in the IT sector, then this small read may help you to know about the certification better.

AWS – Know the Parent Company

AWS is a subordinate of, where AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS is one of the leading companies at the present time for providing the cloud and other application support for better user experiences.

Big brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others, use the AWS platform for their data storage, data safety alliance, cloud computing and more services.

They provide services from individuals to hue companies and even to government systems. AWS became known especially because of its convenient only-pay-for-what-you-use policy.

The products by AWS are used worldwide and require professionals to deal with them at large levels. Therefore, AWS offers some certifications on the basis of levels and tracks to certify the ability of individuals for the management and troubleshooting of AWS products.

Position of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate on AWS Certification road Map

The AWS certifications are offered in 3 different levels along with a Speciality section.

The very first and foundation step includes the domain of Cloud Practitioner with 1 certification of AWS certified Cloud Practitioner.

The next level is the Associate level which has 3 domains namely, Architect, Operational and Developers. All three domains include 1 certification each at this level and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is also a part of this level. Others are AWS certified SysOps Administrator Associate and AWS Certified Developer Associate.

The final level is the Professional Level which includes 2 certifications. One in the architect domain is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional and another certification is AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, which is a combination of operations and developer domains.

Other than these levelled and structured certifications, there are some specialty certifications. For instance, AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty, AWS Certified Security Specialty, AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty and more.

Certification Name and Code For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

This is an Associate Level exam which is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification. Qualifying the examination for the same will title the candidate as Certified Solutions Architect Associate, helping him or her to groom in a career with high jumps.

The current code for the examination is SAA-C02. This examination came into existence by 23rd March of 2020. Earlier it was known with the code SAA-C01. The change in code occurred with the change and update in the course content of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification syllabus.

As the technology keeps on introducing innovations, the syllabus of such certifications also keep on updating, it is always recommended to keep an eye on the updates when you are planning to opt for any AWS certifications.

Prerequisite for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

As of now, there is no formal prerequisite for this certification, as this certification is at the associate level and candidates can consider this as the fundamental of AWS certified professionals.

However, cloud practitioner certification is still the building block of the huge AWS certification structure. But if a candidate is capable and skilled enough, he or she can directly jump to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification.

The AWS team mentions at least 1 year of experience as a recommendation and not a prerequisite. However, even this recommendation is only for practical and hands-on knowledge which can be acquired by the candidate by practicing on different virtual platforms.

Salary Insights of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

There least an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate can expect on an average is USD 113,150 per annum.

However, the salary will keep on increasing with time and experience. This certification could be a great option for those who are willing to get a hike in their salary package.

Skills Required For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

  • Understanding of AWS Global Infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of Security services and tools provided by AWS.
  • Experience in using services by AWS like storage, computing, networking, and database.
  • Experience or ability to troubleshoot AWS product management.
  • Knowledge to develop a secure and stable application for AWS services.
  • Knowledge of basic Architectural keys for the use of AWS Cloud services.

These skills are the recommended skills, a fresher of unknown to these skills can learn about them through the multiple sources around.

What are the different ways to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certificate?

An aspirant for this certification has multiple sources and ways to prepare and learn the skills required to qualify for these certifications.

The candidate can go for self-study with help of workbooks and study materials provided by different organizations.

Or, the candidate can enroll in the AWS learning programme where the AWS team takes the account for providing and delivering the knowledge about the objectives of courses.

One more option could be training institutes. Where the candidate can enroll for a particular batch and learn about the concepts from the experts. Some institutes even provide virtual labs for hands-on training to deal with issues in a real-like environment.

Is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification Training Important?

The importance of this training depends on the candidate and his/her dedication. It is not that training is the only medium to qualify in the examination.

The training courses or institutes can help to give a systematic direction along with expert guidance and their study materials including virtual labs for hands-on practices.

A complete fresher or a person planning to switch in this field may get better results with an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate training course as institutes for such certifications have well trained and experienced instructors who deliver the course from the scratch. But, it is the duty of the candidate to first go through all the offerings and supports that will be provided by the institute.

For those who are already on the same track, training batches can help you to be consistent with the study and practice. Already being in a job and keeping a fixed time for study may get messy sometimes, whereas being under the guidance of experts can help to understand the concepts in a more elaborate manner.

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