Long Island City Drug and Detox Center

Long Island City Drug and Detox Center

Long Island City, New York has a lot to give its residents, including waterfront parks, a blossoming arts scene, and proximity to Manhattan and other boroughs in New York City.

Long Island City (LIC) Arts, the Fisher Landau Center for the Arts, and MOMA PS 2 are partially accountable for the lively arts community. The Fisher Landau Center is based in a former parachute harness factory that’s been converted into an art gallery. The Fisher Landau Center highlights the collection of art patron, Emily Fisher Landau. Ms. Landau’s collection brings together an impressive 1500 art pieces. These modern masterpieces span from 1960 to today.

Nevertheless, Long Island City isn’t all modern masterpiece artworks and days out at the marina. The largest public housing complex in the United States is in Long Island City, anywhere the crime rate soars beyond New York City. The majority of the 400,000 open housed tenants are blue-collar and elderly individuals who cannot manage the high rents found throughout most of the city. In April of 2014, 334 housing projects saw a 31 percent rise in crime, while NYC saw a 3.3 percent hike in crime.

Several of these crimes are drug-related. The violence and deaths related to substance use are consuming entire communities. The pandemic of alcohol and drug addiction is ravaging its way across the country. However, help is available in the form of drug rehabs in Long Island.

Detox Centers

Detoxification is the first significant step in drug rehab programs in Long Islandafter acknowledging your illness and choosing to seek treatment. Notice the keyword is a step. Detoxification is a requirement. You must cleanse your system of any toxins remaining in your order. There have been many achievements in pharmacology to aid you in getting through this challenging process. Medication-assisted treatments (MATs) are available for patients healing from alcoholism, heroin, and prescription opioid misuse. Many MATs ease the painful signs of withdrawal and give the patient the relief to focus on their psychological and spiritual recovery.

Be wary of any drug rehab in Long Island which solely focuses on detoxification as their treatment strategy to recovery. Detox is a small blip on the overall journey you’re about to embark upon. The majority of your rehabilitation work will be done in aftercare fellowships like Narcotics Anonymous or SMART Recovery. The disease of addiction is a complex set of environmental, hereditary, and subjective factors that make up this illness. It is foolish to believe this can be cured with simply treating the symptom (drug misuse), instead of the root facets of addiction. Efficient recovery programs should consist of vanguard treatments, leading psychiatric specialists who cover a spectrum of approaches to treatment. The facility you choose must allow you a variety of treatments.

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