Lifestyle · May 19, 2019


Everybody at some point in their life wants to be a fashion icon, walk the ramp and have cameras flashing all around them. So, what better way to start off your beauty career at an age as young as a few months old to 16 years old.


This is one of the most happening events of the year all around the world. Kids under 16 years of age can participate in this competition to win an award or title.

Beauty pageants include a number of segments like casual/formal clothing, talent hunt, and interviews. Activities and competitions like these are confidence boosters in youngsters. They learn to be competitive and are prepared better for the future.

They are a lot of other things that parents need to keep in mind when introducing their kids to the fashion world. It could have a really negative effect too. The kids at a young age are required to match the beauty standards of the society, they are faced with criticism and fame so soon. Parents need to keep a check on their kids that they don’t get too involved or consumed by all of it because it can ruin the future of their child. They need to provide the best attires as well for the competition. Check these clothes for kids you can buy on reasonable rates without compromising the quality of dresses.

Other than that, beauty pageants give a thrill and excitement of being in competition and parents’ support is all they need at that time. It is their duty to give them the confidence to face the world. Buy brand clothes on low prices at wearglam.


Parents need to make sure that with the confidence and support, they also provide the best attires to the kids participating in the competition to help them set that runway on fire!


Beauty pageants are of different levels and have different stages as well. Pageants can be small or either HUGE bases on what stage they are. There are 4 stages of a beauty pageant that are local, state level, national and then international.

A child has to clear these stages one by one to finally get to the biggest event that is an international competition.

Every stage has its rules as well in respective of their requirements and needs. Parents are advised to check these rules beforehand when they send their kids to participate.


They can easily be divided into 2 types, all natural pageants and glamourous pageants. Parents need to decide which one their child would participate in.

  • Natural Beauty Pageants:

Natural beauty pageants main focus is on natural beauty. Kids under 13 years of age are not allowed to wear false eye lashes and look extravagant. Natural theme based beauty pageants want to see a natural beauty and capture the essence of elegance in them. The attire for such pageants is natural, casual and stylish.

  • Glamourous Beauty Pageants:

These beauty pageants are for 13 to 16-year-old girls and boys. They are all about glitz and glamour. The participants are required to wear falsies, wigs, ball gowns and suits (adult style), girls are required to wear heels and put on lots of makeup. Very open minded parents for such pageants for their child as it introduces the kids to beauty standards of the society.


Pageants are compartmentalized in sections of age groups as follows:

  • Baby Miss: Ages 0-23 months
  • Toddler Miss: Ages 2-3
  • Mini Miss: Ages 4-5
  • Princess: Ages 6-7
  • Little Miss: Ages 8-9
  • Pre-Teen: Ages 10-12
  • Junior Teen: Ages 13-15


The winner of these participants besides getting fame and media coverage, get a tiara, sash, bouquets, and money as well.