Business / Shopping · February 13, 2023

List of the Best Online Shop for Electronics in Dubai

Knowing where to discover the greatest prices on electronics, laptops, tablets, cameras, cellphones, and other gadget accessories is crucial because everyone in Dubai uses gadgets. Here, we provide a list of Dubai’s best locations for purchasing electronic devices.

Modern technology undoubtedly has an impact on everyone’s life. After all, it enables us to do everyday tasks more quickly and fully appreciates each day.

Given that Dubai is known as a shopping mecca and because technology is crucial to realising Dubai’s future vision, several businesses have open electronic stores there, including Ookaaz. And as we all know, Dubai is the place to find some of the newest technology and the finest deals.

Top 6 Dubai Online Shopping Electronics Stores to Visit 


Ookaaz is one of the best online shop for electronics of all gadgets, is a good place to start if you’re interesting in purchasing a new phone or laptop this month. This online electronics marketplace provides a huge selection of reputable brands and great pricing.


Dubizzle is the ideal Dubai online shopping electronics if you’re looking to purchase or sell used goods. You may post an advertisement with images, a description, and a mechanism to get in touch with buyers and sellers here for free. You may look at furniture, automobiles, gadgets, books, cosmetics, and shoes.

On this website

On this website, the prices of the items are much lower because most of them are using. You can speak with the seller directly to arrange a meeting place for pick-up and delivery. You would then pay a monthly charge to have your ads highlighted.

Ali Baba

Another internet retailer that sells everything from gadgets to cosmetics. The company provides paid delivery and shipping in addition to free delivery for items above AED 100, much like Amazon and noon. Additionally, they do much wholesale retailing.

Sharaf DG UAE

One of Dubai’s well-known electronics retailers is Sharaf DG. This business has travelled a long way and has accomplished many goals under the Sharaf Group name to become one of the top retailers in the area. Many Sharaf DG outlets can found in the emirate’s retail centres and speciality electronics shops.


Smartphones, electronics, home and kitchen appliances, TVs, and a wide variety of other products are just a few things that can be purchase at the Sharaf DG shop. They frequently have fantastic bargains available as well. So, if you ever visit one of the Sharaf DG stores, this store will undoubtedly have something for you to purchase.

Jacky’s Electronics UAE

One of the most well-known and respectable Dubai online shopping electronics in the UAE is Jacky’s Electronics. As the first significant subsidiary of the business, Jacky’s Group opened its first Jacky’s store at Al Nasser Square, Dubai, in 1988.

Over the years, the group grew and established new enterprises in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall, City Centre Deira, City Centre Ajman, and City Centre Sharjah, among other sites in the United Arab Emirates, are just a few where Jacky’s provides numerous promotions.

The extensive selection of electronics products offered by Jacky’s Electronics satisfies the needs of regular consumers. In addition to other things, it offers laptops, tablets, desktop computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and home appliances.


For quite some time, Ecity has run a network of top-notch multi-brand electronics retail outlets in the top malls in the UAE. Ecity General Trading LLC was establishing in Dubai in 2008, and Al Batha Group in Sharjah is where it is headquarter.

The group’s more than 20 independent businesses concentrate on various industries, including contract manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and the automotive industry, to take advantage of the UAE’s expanding economic environment.

Advice to Find the Best Online Shop for Electronics

These are the top Dubai online shopping electronics stores. If you purchase computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets and equipment, selecting one of these locations is wise. Here are some suggestions to consider before buying online electronics.

  • Save time by limiting your options to the top electronics stores in Dubai.
  • Shop with confidence and ease.
  • Discover a range of premium goods for affordable costs.
  • Find knowledgeable personnel for your team.


You may use this list of stores to discover the ideal electronic devices in Dubai. At Ookaaz, we are experts at providing exceptional high-quality electronic products. We have years of experience offering guaranteed mobile electronics to boost our customer experience. Therefor You can also check for other well-known brands offering similar services. Take your time and pick an electronics store that fits what you need!