Legal Help after cruise ship accidents Miami

Legal Help after cruise ship accidents Miami

Cruises are one of the biggest businesses in America and all over the world. Every year millions of people take out time from their busy schedules and go for cruises to relax. Cruises offer a taste of luxury to the guests with extravagant shows, huge pools, and lounge areas and great food. It is the perfect time to kick back and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city with loved ones. However, what if this dream-like cruise trip turns into a nightmare? As enjoyable as cruises are, they are also equally dangerous. There are hundreds of cruise ship accidents each year. These accidents may be as small as minor injuries or as serious as slip and fall fatal accidents.

Cruise Ship Accident Claims

Cruise ship owners and operators can be held accountable for cruise ship accidents. Under the general maritime law, claims can be filed against them for their negligence in the U.S. Courts. Some of the cases where claims can be filed are:-

  • Cruise owners have the responsibility to make their ships safe and free of any hazards that can cause accidents and serious injury to guests. In case of accidents, they can be held on this ground.
  • Cruise ship owners can be held liable for negligence on their part for insufficient emergency precautions.
  • A claim can also be filed in case the accident is a result of a lack of security.
  • Lack of proper maintenance of the cruise ship can be a reason for slip and fall accidents.

Cruise passengers must give notice of their claim to the cruise line within 180 days of the accident. A suit may be filed within a year of the accident. Cruise Ship Accidents Miami is presided over by the Federal Court of Miami, Florida.

Getting Legal Assistance

The relief provided by the General Maritime Law can be availed only if a legitimate suit is filed and won by the victim in the court. For doing so, a proper lawyer is required who can help you throughout the process of filing and ruling of the case. It is better to opt for experienced cruise ship attorneys in Miami who have the resources and experience to help you get the justice in the form of compensation that you deserve. An important checklist for getting legal assistance is as follows-

  • Go for proper research to find the attorney with best win records. This may take time but is crucial in deciding whether you will win the case or not.
  • Getting a good lawyer can be difficult but you can consider reputed law firms or independent attorneys.
  • You can contact the Bar Association in your area to find the best attorney there.
  • Online reviews and recommendations can also be considered.
  • The best way to get a lawyer is through friends and family reviews.
  • The size of the law firm shall be considered because bigger the law firm better the chances of getting more experienced lawyers.
  • The lawyer must be chosen after getting a consultation and considering the chances of a win.
  • The costs of filing a claim should also be considered. The cost shouldn’t exceed the probable compensation that will be received upon a win.
  • A proper agreement must be signed after the lawyer has been appointed.

Cruise Ship Accidents Miami is not very frequent but appropriate relief is available.

Losing a loved one can be difficult and extremely painful especially when you have least considered it. Getting proper compensation for your loss is your right as well as the duty of the judicial system.

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