Ldpe shrink roll, LDPE Packaging Bags manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Ldpe shrink roll, LDPE Packaging Bags manufacturer in Ahmedabad


The LDPE Plastic bags are also known as the low density polyethylene plastic bags. The LDPE is one of the types of the plastic bag that possess “4” as the recycle number. These LDPE plastics are used for manufacturing of several items like LDPE Bags, Printed LDPE Bags, LDPE Rolls, LDPE Shrink Bags, LDPE Shrink Rolls, Antistatic LDPE Bags, etc. they are manufactured using LDPE plastic and are widely used for the varied purposes and are highly demanded in the national and international markets.

Features of the LDPE Bags

The LDPE bags are possessing following features

  • The LDPE bags are available in the wide range of the variety in the markets and can be selected as per the requirement.
  • The bags are available either plain or printed.
  • Are available in 8-23 micron.
  • These bags are available in very wide color range and they are also available in white transparent color.
  • Very strong and are available in the different sizes. It can be selected as per the requirement.
  • It is very light weight in nature and is easy to carry.
  • Easy folding so can be easily folded and kept when it is not in used.
  • The end opening of the bags can be open, sealed or peel type.

Benefits of the LDPE Bags

There are several benefits of the LDPE bags that makes used widely and due to that their demands are increasing nowadays. The benefits are stated below

  • The LDPE Plain Bags are such that whenever they are used, it provides very transparent LDPE Packaging Bags and the materials that are packed with them are clearly visible.
  • These bags are environmentally friendly in natures and do not cause any harm to the environment while manufacture or discarded.
  • They also play a major role in the marketing of the product or organization. As, when you make use of any of Printed LDPE Bags– The product information, company details, logo ,can be printed, and they are also directly or indirectly promoting the product marketing.
  • The best thing about the LDPE bags is that it can be easily reused.
  • Very wide range is available and which can be selected on the basis of the size, design, color, thickness, etc. and many more things.
  • They are providing the packaging and hence the substances that are packed are not degraded by the moisture or by the other atmosphere factor like dust, water, heat, etc.

Application of LDPE bags

The LDPE bags are used for several purposes and are used for the following application

  • Pharma Company
  • Food Industry
  • Clothing Industry
  • Vegetable Market
  • Shopping Mall
  • Packaging Industry

The LDPE Plastic bags supplied by our company “Kedia Plastic” are known for the quality and are the best one. We are providing the wide range of the bags that also at the affordable pricing and are the leading LDPE bag manufacturer in Gujarat. Contact us for more details we are always available for precious customers. Beside this we are the prominent LDPE Bags supplier in Gujarat and the product are easily provided over the different cities and the nearby area of Gujarat and Indian state. We are also the plastic bags exporter and export them to many foreign countries like USA, UK, China, Europe, Australia, Europe, etc.

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