Lay Your Hands on the Best of Japanese Fishing Tackles with Proxy Sites

Lay Your Hands on the Best of Japanese Fishing Tackles with Proxy Sites

Japanese fishing gear is a popular export product because of the attention to detail and rich craftsmanship that goes into creating the items. Finesse of workmanship is embedded in Japanese culture which has secured them a renowned place in the world for their fishing equipment.

How can you buy fishing items, such as rods, baits, lures, hooks, etc. from Japan?

As we know that the Japanese love to go fishing, Japan happens to be a haven of several companies that specialize in creating state-of-the-art fishing equipment. These items come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Though this country may seem like a haven for buying Japanese fishing tackles, not all websites are available in your native language. This makes buying Japanese fishing gear a problematic experience. Most of these sites only accept payment methods which are commonly used in Japan. As well, many platforms don’t ship the products abroad.

This definitely makes buying equipment from Japan tricky for fishermen. But, thanks to proxy sites, you can buy fishing rods, lures, hooks or baits in Japan. 

Where to buy Japanese fishing tackles?

There are a few great shops to look up for Japanese fishing items, such as:

Caster House for rods parts and baits, Fishhook for a wide selection of hooks, Daiwa for fishing tackle, Fishing Max is known for baits, Hedgehog Studio for spools, handles and reels, Shimano for fishing tackle, Windyside for colored lures, Yellowfish to buy Japanese rods and reels, Aqua Area for a variety of fishing items.

Tenkara – The Japanese fly-fishing style

Developed approximately two centuries ago, Tenkara meaning ‘From Heaven’, is a method primarily used to fish trout. It’s a more used method by several freshwater fishermen who go fishing in the rivers and streams of the mountains of Japan.

This technique is becoming more well known outside of Japan in recent times. You will only find a few non-Japanese sellers of Tenkara-designed products. This calls for browsing and buying on Japanese websites if you want the best fishing equipment. This is where the proxy sites come into the picture. They can help you buy these products from Japan at affordable rates and get them shipped to your desired location.

If you are a first timer trying your hand at fishing, buying the right fishing gear could be a daunting task. Especially when you are not aware of what to be bought in the big retail stores, as the options are endless when it comes to Japanese fishing tackles.

This is where proxy sites help, by letting you know where to get started without losing your money. Though there are many ways to go about preparing for your first trip to the lake, these 7 essential pointers will help you bring fish to the shore.

Rod and Reel: Why go from mild to wild while selecting angling fishing gear. There are specific rods and reels which are designed for specific fishing styles. However, the key remains, keeping it simple. Look for a rod and reel combo which can be used as bait fishing and lure fishing.

Line: Fishing line is available in many different materials and diameters. Ones with larger diameters are stronger and sturdier. Similarly, ones with a smaller diameter and the braided ones have different kinds of make and purpose. While there is a specific reason to use each type, it is recommended that you start off by picking a simpler line with monofilament.

Knots: While knots maybe of different types, such as uni, clinch and Palomar, practicing how to tie knots is important. Knowing these three knots will give you the skills to tie on anything that you may need in freshwater fishing.

Weights: In order to help provide more casting distance, weights are necessary to keep your bait under water. For the first-timers, stick with basic split shot weights as they are cost-effective and easily installable.

Fishing Hooks: Make sure, you buy hooks that are not snelled, as snelled hooks have a leader pre-tied to them that the user then attaches to a swivel snap. However, gamakatsu makes for durable and long-lasting hooks which are available in almost every tackle shop.

Live Bait: For most of the fishermen, fishing starts out with live bait as this happens to be the most effective way to catch fish. Usually, every freshwater fish eats nightcrawlers so that is the best pick.

In order to get this equipment’s, you can find them on Sendico’s page. They can help you find the right material at the best rates and get what you desire shipped to your location. They often keep you informed about every stage of your order placement process.

For Japanese fishing tackles, log in to Sendico,s site today!

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