Laboratory Equipment: A Selection Guide to Stainless Steel Glove Boxes

Laboratory Equipment: A Selection Guide to Stainless Steel Glove Boxes

Laboratory equipment are the most important and essential part of a lab. Without lab equipment nothing in a lab can work. There are various equipment in a lab and each of them has equal importance. So we cannot neglect any equipment.

What are the lab equipment?

Any lab has various amount of instruments. Each instrument serves a different role. Nothing can be replaced in a lab. Let us see some of the main lab equipment. Let us start with the basic.

  1. Beaker: beakers are important to measure volumes of liquids.
  2. Conical flask: for mixing of chemicals flasks are a perfect apparatus.
  3. Pipet: how can you transfer one liquid from one container to another? Pipets can be used for those purposes.
  4. Microscope: another important component of a lab is a microscope. There are various tiny elements which are not visible through the naked eyes. This purpose is served by the microscope.
  5. Autoclave: sanitization is really important in a lab. Each and every apparatus needs to be sanitized and clean. Any contamination can cause a lot of damage.
  6. Glovebox: along with so many equipment glovebox are one of them. They are equally important in a lab.


Glove boxes are enclosed or sealed containers which has gloves attached to the other side of the box. The glove box has chambers so that the user can wear the gloves and can keep their hands inside the box and work. Economical Glove Boxes are very useful in protecting the chemical substances from getting contaminated. As the box is enclosed there will be no possibility of and dust particle or airborne to enter the compartment. Hence the experiments can be carried out peacefully without causing any mishaps.

How to select a stainless steel glove box?

A stainless steel glove box is used in a laboratory because it is much easier to maintain a stainless steel glove box than any other material. Stainless steel glove boxes are much more efficient than any other material. They do not get corroded easily. They are tightly packed so that contaminants cannot enter the box hence the glove will be protected from all the germs and dirt.

But how to select a right stainless steel box. What are the features of a good stainless steel glove box? Let us see at all the good qualities which a stainless steel glove box must possess.

  1. The steel should be economical and versatile.
  2. The stainless steel glove box should provide a low humidity environment.
  3. Inside chambers should be particle free or dust free, so that it remain clean when it is purged with any process gas or nitrogen gas.
  4. A stainless steel glove box becomes more useful when it has pass-through ovens and airlocks present.
  5. Large chambers should be available.
  6. Purge controls are necessary in order to clean the box.
  7. For a full view of the area polycarbonate panels are required.

These are some of the good qualities which will guide through getting and selecting an efficient stainless steel glove box.

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