Knowing all about Cotton Sanitary Pads and Napkins

Knowing all about Cotton Sanitary Pads and Napkins

A woman is most vulnerable and sensitive, emotionally & physically during her periods. The excruciating cramps and overall weakness they have to go through are topped with the constant trouble of rashes, itching and changing sanitary pads every 3-4 hours to avoid the dangerous infections. The vaginal area is the most unprotected and exposed during those 3-5 days and the synthetic sanitary pads available in the market make the situation worse. Many women are making a wise switch to organic cotton sanitary pads made from plant-based fibers which are not only natural pads but they are also biodegradable.

Synthetic pads are harmful for our vaginas.

An average woman spends roughly 6.25 years of her life wearing a pad. Eight out of ten women complain of skin problems during their periods or worse infections. Mostly because regular pads are made of plastics, and can be a direct cause of UTIs, yeast infections, rashes, allergies and painful periods basically a whole lot of trouble.

Some studies have even found that the chemicals from synthetic pads can permeate the sensitive vaginal skin and directly enter the bloodstream to cause dangers of miscarriages, birth defects, and even cervical cancer.

Organic cotton sanitary pads are always a better option to go for in order to remove some toxins from our life. The constant flow combined with the heat and friction with the synthetic top sheet of the pad makes the raw unprotected skin cause irritation, rashes and really painful periods and this is where the organic cotton sanitary pads come into play.

We are not aware of these harmful facts and we forget to change our pads every 5 hours to allow easy airflow into the body. Organic menstrual pads not only keep you

safe for those 3-5 days but they will also ensure your body does not face any uncomfortable side effects landing you in the hospital.

Plastic pads pollute the environment

Obviously Organic menstrual pads are the new future and rightly so, they not only take care of the body but they make sure that the environment does not get harmed tirelessly. Organic menstrual pads decompose within 2 years of disposal which is a huge relief to Mother Earth and to us as a nation.

Synthetic pads can cause cancer

India is one of the countries with the highest rates of cervical cancer which should be looked into but isn’t. Studies have shown a direct link between HPV infections and poor menstrual health. Switching to safer options like Organic menstrual pads should be made mandatory but isn’t.

Education about menstrual hygiene products is key

We overlook this but women in rural areas still use sari cloths, husk, rags, plant leaves, mud, ash or newspapers during their period days. Once their cycle is over, they wash those clothes and reuse them next month which is more than harmfull. This is not only unhygienic but is also extremely harmful for the vaginal area and makes one more prone to catch a disYour picture is too large. It has to be smaller than 200KBease. Menstrual hygiene should be made a must for every woman and now with the availability of newer, safer and technologically advanced organic cotton and biodegradable sanitary pads, women should make an educated switch to protect their bodies.

Health Impact

The environmental impact is as important as, the impact on women’s health is. A majority of feminine care products contain surfactants, adhesives, and additives, that are bleached with chlorine, in turn creating traces of harmful dioxin. These traces of dioxin while small are cancerous and can lead to other dangerous health conditions such as endometriosis and worse problems. The problems the endometriosis causes can range from painful periods, to infertility. While the science on the full effects of dioxin on the women’s body fully settled, further research is being done on the topic.

Hormonal Impact

Most tampons, and pads, contain hormonal chemicals, and these drastically affect your body and change the way it’s supposed to work. The companies who make the tampons sometimes aren’t even aware of what is in them because the chemicals can come in at other points during the manufacturing process and they are ignored due to lack of awareness.

One of the more serious infections tampons can cause is Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS in short and so its always preferred to go for organic cotton sanitary pads to protect yourself from the harmful effects. Initially, the symptoms of TSS can seem flu-like, with high fever, chills, headache, dizziness, but develop into vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, whites of eyes, or lips turning red, and in extreme cases, it could also lead to death.

TSS is caused by micro-tearing in the vaginal wall and bacterial infection leading to its conditions. Considering the chemicals discussed above that can be in non-organic tampons, those are now all in your body, which it can handle in small doses, but not long-term exposure, or at the levels, and result in damage. In cases when an individual is more sensitive or even allergic, the reactions are more severe and scary!

So ladies, make the switch now from synthetic to organic cotton sanitary pads. And be free as a woman and as a member of this planet and child of this environment. Why not make the first change at home and most importantly to your body that you’ll be thankful for? Your body is always your first home and then the environment.

Make the switch to organic cotton menstrual pads, natural pads that are organic and biodegradable and see how your body thanks you. The top sheet will be soft and all, it will be just another normal day that you will no longer dread the harm from plastic pollution and worse a disease. A win-win situation for you and the environment! Choose what’s right for you now and will remain right in the long term i.e Organic cotton sanitary pads.

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