Know Why JEE Mains Online Mock Test Is Important Before Finals

Know Why JEE Mains Online Mock Test Is Important Before Finals

Most people are aware of the ‘fear of an exam.’ In case you are an aspiring candidate for the JEE Mains exam, you would know that this is one of the most important exams of your life. One might feel nervous after being seated in the exam hall. This nervousness is increased when the question paper arrives. No matter how much you have studied, exam pressure can take over your confidence and make you anxious. This can also interfere with your performance and memory. This can result in silly mistakes, even while attempting the simplest questions.

Giving JEE Mains Online Mock Test is one of the best solutions for scoring better in this exam. Online mock tests are practice exams that you appear for before the final exam. On attempting such tests, not only is your confidence enhanced, but you can also overcome mistakes easily. These practice tests make you more comfortable with the real pattern of the exam and help you face any challenge while attempting the exam.

In this article, we would be discussing the importance of the JEE Mains Online Mock Test, along with basic guidelines and preparation tips for this exam.

Importance of JEE Mains Online Mock Test

If you are an aspirant for the JEE Mains exam, take the online mock test before the final exam. To understand more about the importance of the mock tests, just go through the below points:

  1. Makes you aware of the test pattern

Before attempting the main test, the aspirants should be aware of the exam pattern of JEE Mains. Although students may know the JEE Mains exam syllabus, they need to be familiar with the questions being asked, marks difficulty level, and the way to attempt the exam. One can easily get a good idea of the actual entrance exam by attempting mock tests for the JEE Mains exam.

  1. Helps in improving speed and accuracy

IIT JEE Mains exam is conducted online as well as offline, and candidates can choose the mode as per their preference. Hence, students can easily practice using the mock test papers in either online or offline mode as per their choice and convenience.

In case aspirants go for a computer-based test, the online mock tests would increase speed and accuracy. But if the aspirants are going for a pen-paper-based JEE Mains exam, they can easily take the offline mock exam that would help them improve their question paper solving time and even help them in filling the OMR sheet faster.

  1. Helps in evaluating performance

After taking the mock tests, candidates can get a detailed analysis report that displays the marks in each section of the mock test. Candidates can also evaluate this report for understanding their performance stage. They get to know whether they have excelled in the test or need to practice more for it. One also gets to know which are the weak areas and in which section one needs to put in more effort.

  1. It motivates and boosts self-confidence

Candidates can take a mock test for evaluating their level of preparation after practicing for JEE Main exam. Hence, taking mock tests can boost the confidence of an individual before giving the main test. Also, on receiving the performance analysis report, one gets motivated to improve themselves and score better.

  1. Candidates realize their strengths and weaknesses

Most of the mock tests are subject-specific. Hence if an aspirant takes mock tests for the JEE Mains exam, they take up mock tests for three different subjects, i.e., chemistry, physics, and Mathematics. In this way, aspirants get to know which section they are weak in, and accordingly, they can aim to improve in that particular subject. They would also get to know about the sections that they are strong in and where they can have the advantage of scoring more marks.

However, it is important to note that one should not stop practicing for the Mains exam even if one gets a full score in the mock tests. The greater number of mock tests that you take, the more would be the chances of you cracking the JEE Mains exam.

  1. Helps with anxiety about the exam

In some cases, the candidates might prepare well for the mains exam, but due to recurring negative thoughts such as not able to qualify due to competition, the candidates might get anxious and may even fear to appear for the exam. Even if they do appear, they might not be able to perform their best due to nervousness or anxiety attacks. With the help of mock tests, students can get a complete demo of this entrance exam and even drive away any uneasiness that they might have for the exam.

  1. Gives you a competitive edge over others

As the candidates take more and more mock tests, they tend to improve their performance each time. This helps them in scoring better. The speed and accuracy while attempting the exam is also enhanced with more practice and they can give their best. It also helps increase the success rate of a candidate in the mains exam compared to the other candidates who do not give importance to mock tests.

How to practice with JEE Main mock tests?

Aspiring candidates for the JEE Mains exam can practice before the actual exam using the mock tests. Just follow the below steps to attempt the mock tests and evaluate your performance:

  1. Visit the NTA website, i.e.
  2. In the topmost menu, there would be two options – Mock test and Download mock test.
  3. For practicing online, just click on the “Mock test” option for getting the login window. After that, just click on the login button and start practicing.
  4. Next, for downloading the JEE Mock Test, select the option for downloading and saving the test before practicing.
  5. For practicing the mock tests of JEE at the TPCs, just click on Mock test registrations and register yourself for the nearest TPC at the date suitable to you.

General Instructions About the Exam

Just like the JEE Mains exam, there are specific guidelines that you need to keep in mind before attempting the mock tests. These can be seen below:

  • The candidates are given 180 minutes to attempt all the questions.
  • The clock would be set, and the countdown timer would be displayed at the top right corner of your screen. This timer would display the time remaining for the exam to be over.
  • A question palette would be displayed on the right side of your screen to show each question’s status. The status of a question would be displayed using different colors.
  • “Marked for Review” is another reminder for the candidates if they want to recheck the question later.
  • In case a question is answered but “Marked for Review” during the actual examination, the answer would be considered as final.
  • When the allotted time is over, the exam will come to an end on its own. The candidates need not wait to end or submit the exam.

Preparation Tips for JEE Mains Exam

The preparation for the JEE Mains exam needs to cover all individual subjects separately because the topics and the type of questions, may vary. Below are some tips to score well in the JEE Mains exam:

  • Time Management: It is important to have a good time management strategy for balancing the preparation of JEE Mains exam with Class XII Board examinations as well as other routine activities. How you manage your time would play a huge role in your performance level in this exam.
  • Remain Confident: Make sure that you do not get bogged down in front of complex topics. Remain focused on understanding and solving the questions rather than getting anxious about underperformance in the exam.
  • Revise thoroughly: Candidates should focus on revising the different topics of the syllabus thoroughly. They should also make a separate plan or schedule for the last-minute preparations.
  • Attempt sample papers and mock tests: Use different mock tests and sample papers to analyze trends in questions. You can also attempt previous years’ papers to gain the first-hand experience for solving various types of questions.
  • Make a smart preparation plan: Lastly, it is advisable to make cheat sheets as well as flashcards for revising formulas. You should also practice solving complex equations while making sure to learn shortcuts for any lengthy calculations.


As highlighted above, candidates should take the JEE Mains mock test before attempting the actual exam. They should consider it if they are taking any coaching classes to evaluate their performance before the exam.

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