Know the Washers Game Rules| Enjoy the Fun Tossing Game at Your Backyard Parties

Know the Washers Game Rules| Enjoy the Fun Tossing Game at Your Backyard Parties

Washers game is an outdoor game played between two (singles) or four (doubles) player teams. Though in the traditional form the game involved two recessed pits with one-hole involving only two players, the game is now best played with 3-hole boards and two or four players. Apart from knowing the washers game rules, you need the handmade 3-hole washer boards created by craftsmen in the US for the best fun experience.

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The washers game rules you need to keep in mind

First of all, you have to know the rules of the game to play it well. The game field has two boards that are placed 10 feet apart, connected with a 10’ rope. Each of the boards has three holes drilled into it.

The players of the two teams get six washers (round metal disks) or three each, for the game. Teams are distinguished by a small hole in three of the washers. You should choose to play washers on flat level ground, whether while you are camping, on the beach, backyard, or any other place you like.

Starting with the game

As per the washers game rules, one member of each of the two teams throws a washer. Players may choose to stand on the washer boards or next to these while throwing their washers. The washer boards are strong enough to accommodate them. However, the player must stand behind the foul line which is the front of his/her board.

Rules for one-on-one players

The players are going to throw the washers from their side (10’ away) to the board in front. Three washers each are given to each of the players. The first player is going to throw the washers, followed by the second player throwing the washers. After this, the points scored to get counted. The players move to the opposite boards to continue playing the second round.

Rules for the team competition

There are two members in each team. The first player of each team will throw his/her three washers, followed by the first player from the second team doing the same.  Scored get noted after this first round.

The second player of each time then picks up the washers and throws them from the opposite side. Each player throws the three washers. This completes the second round, and the scores get noted again.

The last player becomes the first one to play in the next game.

Score rules

  • 1 point is for the washer falling into the first hole
  • 3 points for the washer in the second hole
  • 5 points for the washer in the third hole.

The first player or the team that reaches 21 points wins after the round is completed.

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