Know How Long Your Dental Crowns will Last

Know How Long Your Dental Crowns will Last

When you are suggested to undergo dental crowns for saving your teeth, it becomes essential for you to follow the treatment as soon as possible. By this way you can prevent your teeth from declining its integrity anymore.

In the meantime, there are several people who are concerned about its lifespan along with certain other things. This is so; because regular wear and tear can affect the longevity of it as the treatment period varies from person-to-person.

The lifespan of the dental crown

The lifespan of the dental crowns gets short if you have performed restorative treatment due to clenching or grinding of the teeth. Eating habits including the good habits of maintaining proper oral hygiene are also responsible for expanding the lifespan of the dental crowns. Make sure that you wear night guard to protect your dental crowns from any kind of wear and tear during bedtime.

The position of the crowns in the mouth is another crucial aspect for determining its lifespan. There are some types of crowns that last for lifelong whereas some are there too that get broken or cracked and hence need replacement. Generally, if a crown is maintained in the proper manner it will last for about 30 years in the long haul.

An estimation of the longevity of the dental crown

Of course crowns are excellent in restoring the broken teeth but your mouth must possess enough structure of the tooth so that the crown can get adhered to it strictly. You can make your dental crowns in London by visiting your dentist to know whether you are eligible for it or not by examining your tooth structure.

After that, your dentist will ensure that the crown has been fitted perfectly and even not a single open margin can be noticed so that the floss cannot get caught and food particles not get stuck. Otherwise, you may experience premature fall of the crown and you have to replace it again in your mouth.

If it gets broken you can re-cement it at the same time but this will enlarge your expected tiYour picture is too large. It has to be smaller than 200KBme period to complete the treatment. In case the initial bond breaks, immediate re-establishment must require with a new crown.

Even dental insurance service providers offer the coverage of the crown replacement once in every 5-8 years. But there is no doubt that proper fitted crown will last over a few decades.

What affects the longevity of the dental crown?

Before you visit your dentist to get a dental crown, there are certain things you must put your focus onto. Some of them (not limited) are discussed below for your reference:

  • Materials used: If you are thinking of taking porcelain or ceramic for your dental crowns, you must know that metallic ones are more durable and possess long lifespan. On the other hand, porcelain is used especially for aesthetic purposes on the front (anterior) teeth.
  • Oral hygiene: Poor oral care can lead to the premature loss of the dental crown easily. Therefore, it is necessary that even with dental crown you must take proper care of your oral health to maintain a good oral hygiene. Otherwise, it can cause the build up of bacterial which will cause plaque and decay on time.
  • Bad habits: Clenching or grinding of the teeth is really havoc for declining its health. Make sure that you have put in your night guard before going to bed for ensuring the protection and proper integrity of the teeth. It is also advisable that during this long treatment period, you must avoid crunching hard food stuffs including candies.

Dental crowns are popular and accepted widespread as it is outstanding in fixing a number of the dental complications. After discussing with your private dentist at our clinic, you must decide which type is suitable for treating your dental issue.

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