Knee injuries – when is a need for replacement

Knee injuries – when is a need for replacement

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty or else total knee replacement is a procedure to resurface a damaged knee. In this process, the knee, which is damaged, is replaced by metal and plastic parts utilized to cap ends of the bones, which are in the knee joint. The surgery by best doctors is recommended to people who have a severe knee injury or else severe knee arthritis. The main objective of knee replacement surgery is to replace the knee or to resurface the parts of the knee joint that are damaged, and that cannot be treated with any other treatment options. 

About Knee injury 

Knee injury is a condition that is generally caused by bending or twisting force which is applied to the knee like force applied after fall, sports, or accidents. Treatment of knee injuries depends on the type as well as the severity of the injury. Some treatment methods include rice therapy i.e., rest, ice, compression, elevation, physical therapy, immobilization, and last option surgery.

Types of knee injuries 

There are many common types of knee injuries, as it is the most common injured part of the body. The knee types are classified based on the affected anatomy of the knee along with the mechanism by which it’s injured. Below are some common knee injuries :

  1. Knee sprains 

Knee sprains are the injuries to the ligaments that stabilize the knee. Multiple ligaments help to hold the knee together and also keep them in alignment.  Also known as ligament sprains, they are graded in terms of stretching or tearing of the ligament fibers and the amount of instability it causes. 

2. Knee strains 

This injury occurs when tendons or other muscles that surround the knee are stretched because of hyperextension or else hyperflexion of the knee. This strain results in pain outside the knee joint and creates problems in the range of motion of the knee joint.  

3. Knee bursitis 

It is a condition that occurs when a fluid pouch termed as bursa is inflamed, irritated, or infected. These bursas act as shock absorbers that reduce the friction amid many tissues. There are two main bursas, one is above the kneecap, and another is below the knee joint. 

4. Tears of the meniscus 

This is a condition that occurs from damage inside the knee. These menisci are (semi-round articular cartilage that acts as shock absorbers can be injured acutely or can become dysfunctional gradually due to overuse or aging. 

5. Knee joint dislocation

This is a   condition that occurs because of large force injuries to the knee. However, this is a rare condition but causes severe damage and can also damage blood vessels and nerves. This condition requires emergency treatment or else surgery by the best knee replacement surgeon in Hyderabad. 

6. Knee fractures 

Knee fractures occur because if direct blows on bones in this condition kneecap fractures because of fall on knees directly and knee cap cracks. 

Symptoms of knee injuries 

Symptoms are linked with the type of injury and part of the knee that was injured . some common symptoms include:

  • Heat
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Difficulty in knee bending
  • Clicking or popping sound
  • Locking of knee

In the case of acute injury, the main symptoms will consist of knee pain and swelling. In the case of chronic injury or from overuse, the symptoms may include clicking, popping, and intermittent pain will be more prominent.

Treatment of knee injury 

A knee injury will be treated after proper examination by primary care doctors. If the knee injury is severe, you may be referred to an orthopedist who specializes in injuries of the musculoskeletal system or a best orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad. A physician makes the diagnosis of a knee injury after examining the history and physical tests, sometimes XRays and MRIs are needed. After the diagnosis of severe knee injuries in which there are indications for tears of the ligaments or extensive meniscal tears, surgery will be recommended.

Surgery may also be needed for fractures and dislocations of the knee. Some acute injuries that occur due to high-force impact, and several parts of the knee damage, may require emergency surgery and you can instantly contact the best knee replacement surgeon in Hyderabad. The recovery time for a knee injury entirely depends on the type, as well as the severity of the injury. If the injury is severe if it requires surgery, and accordingly, the recovery time will be longer.

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