Kitchen waste that you can use for your plants

Kitchen waste that you can use for your plants

You can reduce the amount of garbage you produce by using your kitchen waste in plants or kitchen gardens. This is a natural fertilizer and helps grow your plants properly, which means you will not have to buy fertilizers from the market, especially the chemical ones. You can grow organic herbs and vegetables in this way. Plants have other benefits as well, like these refreshes and clean the air around. They can also add colors to your house, particularly the plants with flowers. You do not have to spend a lot of money on growing plants as you just have to spend some money initially on buying seeds, or you can simply buy plants online. You can reuse your old plastic containers as pots of these plants, and you are already aware that you can use kitchen waste as fertilizer in your plants, but you should know what kind of waste you can use and how you should use it for your plants. Some of the things from your kitchen waste that you can use in your plants are mentioned below with their appropriate use. 


Being a good source of calcium, eggshells can be used for plants, but how should you use them? These should be broken into small pieces, or you can blend them in a blender. Eggs are generally consumed by most people on a daily basis, so you can reduce a huge amount of waste by making them useful for your plants. After breaking into pieces or making powder, you can spread them on the surface of the soil in your pot or in the garden. 

If you find the whole eggshells or big pieces of eggshells in the soil of plants, then these can remain in the same shape for quite a long time, which can make your garden or pots look less attractive. 

There is also a method to use them by mixing them in a compost mix. Compost is made by a mixture of nitrogen and carbon products. Kitchen waste is your nitrogen, and pale or rotten leaves from your garden are the source of your carbon. People who are living in city areas and want to grow plants for the first time would not have access to garden waste, so they can buy carbon products for making compost from the market. They will have to buy for the first time because, after growing plants, they would be able to get the carbon source from their plants in the form of pale or rotten leaves. Eggshells should be small pieces even when these are to be put in a compost bin. 

Banana peel 

You should chop the banana peels into small pieces or should make a paste in the grinder and then place them on the surface of the soil. You do not have to spend money on plants once you do the shopping of indoor plants online because you will not have to pay for fertilizers. Pots can be made by reusing plastic, so you do not have to pay for the same as well. Throwing a whole banana peel in the planter or in the garden soil would look ugly. These peels are a great source of potassium and can provide great nutrients to plants. If you want to make compost, then you should better put in that. 


You can reuse coffee bags by sprinkling the extracts on the surface of the soil. Putting them in a compost bin would also be a good idea. These bags should be used only if the sugar and milk are not added.  


People who prefer tea over coffee can use the extract of tea in the same way the coffee is used that is without sugar and milk. 

If you want to fasten the process of composting, you can break your kitchen waste into small pieces. You can add all kinds of kitchen waste in the compost mix except the acidic food items like vinegar and lemon as these things slow down the process of composting. Kitchen waste can have a bad smell due to the presence of nitrogen, and this smell is reduced by putting leaves, which are sources of carbon. Non-vegetarian items take more time to decompose, so you should avoid them if you do not want to wait for this long. 

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