Kidney transplant cost in India

Kidney transplant cost in India

Kidney transplant is a surgical process that involves placing a healthy kidney taken from a living or deceased donor to a patient whose kidneys are no longer functioning. This transplant is recommended by surgeons as the treatment for patients with kidney failure and those who are on lifetime dialysis. This process of kidney transplant treat chronic kidney disease and assist patients to feel better and to lead a normal life. 

Causes of kidney failure i.e. end-stage kidney disease

When your kidney fails it loses its filtering ability and thus harmful levels of fluids long with waste accumulate in your body. There are many causes of end-stage kidney disease some of them are listed below:

  • Diabetes 

Diabetes is considered the most common cause of kidney failure as high sugar levels slowly damage the filters in the kidneys. Because of this damage, the patient suffers from diabetic nephropathy which ultimately leads to end-stage kidney failure. 

  • Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the main reasons for kidney failure as the increase in blood pressure causes chronic irreversible damage that leads to kidney disease. 

  • Interstitial nephritis 

It is a condition in which there is a type of allergic reaction of the kidney, also many products counting medicines and herbal leads to inflammation causing kidney failure.

  • Renal artery stenosis 

It is a condition in which there are blockages in the arteries that bring blood to the kidney.

  • Glomerulonephritis 

It is a condition in which inflammation in blood vessels along with other parts leads to slow damage to kidneys.

  • Congenital problems 

It’s These health problems occur before birth and manifests at the time when kidneys lose more than 90 percent of its function. 

When is there a need for a kidney transplant

Kidney failure is the condition in which doctors recommend a kidney transplant. due to end-stage kidney diseases, there is a build-up of several toxins as well as waste products in the blood that lead to death. there are two treatments of end-stage kidney failure one is renal replacement also known as dialysis and kidney transplant. Out of the two kidney transplant is best as the patient gets most benefits from it, this treatment offers an overall better quality of life and also helps to avoid side effects of dialysis. Kidney transplant surgery cost in India ranges amid  USD 10,000 to USD 14000. 

Things that kidney donors should keep in mind 

If you want to be a kidney donor then the main thing is that one must have no evidence of kidney disease along with other medical conditions. There are many reasons why people might donate a kidney. One of the most common reasons for kidney donation is emotional linkup with the patient. there are many misconceptions related to kidney transplant and it is that there is a need for a perfect match. Before kidney donation doctor will ensure that the donor is healthy enough to carry out donation surgery. 

Dialysis or kidney transplant which one is best?

Dialysis and kidney transplant both are considered as the treatment of end-stage kidney disease. let us tell you which one is best out of the two. It is very important to know that both the above treatments of kidney failure are not cured as both involve lifetime commitment to treat kidney failure. When it comes to comparison between the two however both have advantages and disadvantages . as per many studies it has been proved that patients treated with kidney transplants live longer in comparison to patients treated with dialysis. people undergo kidney transplant not return to work quickly, can easily travel more and also live without diet as well as fluid restrictions. 

Top Doctors For Kidney Transplant Treatment in India

Dr. Arun Halankar, Nephrologist in Mumbai, with 41 years of experience 

Dr. Prakash KC, Nephrologist in Chennai with 36 years of experience 

Dr. Rajeev Annigeri, Nephrologist in Chennai with  22 years of experience

Dr. Saurabh Pokhriyal, Nephrologist  in Gurgaon with 20 years of experience 

Kidney transplant is the first-line treatment for people who are suffering from end-stage kidney disease. kidney transplant procedure offers many benefits counting improved life, no diet restrictions, no more dialysis, and greater chances of living longer.  However, The rules for a kidney transplant in India are quite strict which should be followed.

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