JNU’s Co-curriculum: A Way To Foster Innate Capacities

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, this proverb doesn’t fit only for individuals but it also applies for the college life too. Yes, college life is not all about studying, studying and studying. In fact, it’s much more than that. Not only the studies make every college student bag their dream job or that master’s degree which they wished to pursue. It is the co-curriculum that gives an addition apart from the academics which they pursue.

College life offers the students—a life much beyond their imagination. It provides every student –life outside books and classroom in order to help them visualize life from a different perspective and in those years, students transform themselves as a self-developed individual.

In the close proximity of Rajasthan, you may find the very best Universities in Rajasthan are striving their efforts each and every year to offer every student – an environment where they can grow their best. It is the environment that has established parameters outside books and classrooms.

Amidst top Universities in Rajasthan, Jaipur National University is one such University that focuses on every student’s aesthetic development which includes spiritual and moral values, character building, physical growth and creativity and much more. The University also teaches the students to stand up for their rights and responsibilities that encompass the following traits:

  • Psychological Values
  • Educational Value
  • Development of Civic and Social Values
  • Physical Development Values
  • Cultural Values
  • Recreational Values

Being a prime University in Jaipur, it plays a pivotal role in mounding the lives of boys and girls to become an all-rounded personality. JNU’s co-curriculum has been swiftly designed to give them a sense of purpose in participating not only in academics but adapting to the well-nuances of fine personality traits.

Whether the co-curricular activities include music, dance, drama, sports and debate –JNU helps each student to hone their particular skills and also grooms their overall personality traits which involve intellectual, moral, physical, sensible and social development. Apart from that, it also affirms adjustment, coordination, fluency in speech, debating and extempore skills in students. In other words, JNU’s co-curriculum complements their academic orientation with extra-curricular activities which prepare them to face a practical world. Now let us discuss some major benefits of JNU’s extra co-curricular activities in detail:

Overall Development

JNU’s co-curriculum gives a platform for students’ all-round personality development that will help

them to strongly face the upheaval road of the future. The laurels and experiences derived through

these activities help the students during their internships and sponsored programs.

Strengthened Self-Confidence

The objective of co-curricular activities is to provide better fitness to students and instill a sense of

sportsmanship, leadership, competitive spirit, team spirit and detailed insight. The hidden objective

behind all this is to gain self-confidence and learn to build up trust within the team.

Developing Specialized Skills

Co-curricular activities nurture student talents and provide them with an opportunity to hone their

specialized skills. Competitions that are conducted instill a sense of competitive environment and

supports them in working towards attaining the objective of a better society.

Enhanced Academic Performance

Studies have proved that students pursuing their hobbies show better performance in their studies.

Their academic performance goes upward as they learn to keep a balancing equation with their

co-curricular activities along with their academic pursuits. They also know better on how to do time

management efficiently and also raises their interest in the other college activities. Such activities like

participating in drama, debates, sports, music etc. assist them in attaining the higher purpose of

acquiring better education.

Ample of Opportunities

In this competitive environment, percentages play the role of game changers during admissions into

several courses. Students who pursue any co-curricular activities of their interest are given

consideration over those who are not engaged in any such things. These things make a remarkable

difference when students are preferred for the most popular courses.

Sense of Responsibility

When teenage students are provided with some responsibility or a task to be handled like managing

a team and preparing them for competition helps them raise their efficiency for facing a much better

situation. This promotes a sense of accountability and responsibility.

Gives exposure to New Activities

Exposing students with a broad range of activities gives them better insight and allows them to pick

what they enjoy and what they wish to learn from it. It expands new horizons for them. These

activities invigorate painting, playing, dancing, acting, singing and communication skills in students.

Prime Activities in JNU’s Co-curriculum

Every Co-curriculum offered by the top Private Universities in Rajasthan instill a wide range of cognitive development in its students. Take a glimpse of some of the activities where students evolve themselves in general:


  • Improvement in sense of coordination
  • Increases concentration
  • Develops patience
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Helps in rejuvenating mind and body


  • Enhances motor skills
  • Develops problem-solving abilities
  • Improves self-expression
  • Improves creative skills
  • Promotes acceptance of others


  • Enhances language skills
  • Empathy development skills
  • Helps to develop a moral sense
  • Enhances long-term memory
  • Inculcates public-speaking skills

Environmental Education

  • Enhances social awareness
  • Improvement in reading abilities
  • Promotes sustainable life-choices
  • Increase in creative skills


  • Teaches coordination skills
  • Enhances overall health
  • Improve reflexive abilities
  • Increase in strength building
  • Increases team work abilities

JNU’s Co-Curricular Activities

  • Inter-School Sports Meet
  • Faculty Fiesta
  • Photorazz
  • JNU Marathon
  • JNU Dreams Jaipur Green and many more

Students Clubs at JNU

  • The Young Readers & Writers Forum (YRWF)
  • The Debaters Club
  • The Unicorn Club
  • The Dramatics Club
  • The Photography Club and many more.

The benefits derived from co-curricular activities in top colleges in Jaipur have been researched well and it is determined that students who engage in such activities exhibit excellent academic results, stronger relationships with college mates and are more likely to develop an active and healthier lifestyle. The students who participate in such co-curricular activities develop a sense of belonging and develop high-self esteem by taking part in activities like dance, music, performing arts etc. Apart from that, students are well-motivated and which makes them live a healthier, happier and more connected life.

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