Is Spinal Decompression Treatment For Lower Back Pain?

Is Spinal Decompression Treatment For Lower Back Pain?

People experience back pains of different intensities and in various areas. But the most painful and agonizing is the lower back pain. If the pain is persistent and lasts for more than 12 weeks then it is considered as chronic pain.

Who Can Have Lower Back Pains?

In a Pain Clinic Edmonton women are more likely to suffer from the extreme lower back pain. Also it has been reported that elderly people are more prone to it; but at times injury and poor posture can also be the cause of this.

What Is The Recovery Time?

As this pain is very intense; the treatment period also varies. Most patients are treated quickly within 6 weeks but others can take 12 weeks or more. But it has to be noted that the patients have to be very careful and stop doing work that is rigorous.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

The back pain doesn’t only mean that it is associated with the lower back but also it can regulate to the legs and the buttocks. The patient can also experience spasms in the muscles and numbness as well according to expert physio.

What Are The Treatment Options?

There are various treatment options for this problem; which includes the following;

  1. Exercising programs that are designed for individual patients.
  2. Medications can be prescribed.
  3. Sometimes surgery is also required.

Spinal Decompression Treatment In Pain Clinic Edmonton

The spinal decompressions treatment is considered the best choice of therapist at various clinics which includes Regenerate Physio. But it is for the chronic patients and the treatment procedure is mentioned below.

Medical And Physical Examination

The therapist has the foremost duty of doing a full physical examination; taking down the medical history that is the job of an assistant and doing diagnostic tests like X-rays and MRI to make sure that there is not any other issue.

Lay Down On A Table Relaxed

On the day of the therapy, the patient is asked to come in comfortable clothes, but unlike other therapies, the patient can wear the clothes during the whole time. The therapists will help the patient to lie down on a specially designed table at physiotherapy Edmonton.

Fitting Of The Support Harnesses

Next, two harnesses are fitted; one on the head and the other near the feet. This is done so that the patient doesn’t move during the treatment. Many people feel anxious and agitated with the harness but after the first session it comes to normal.

Stretching Of The Spine

The table on which the patient is laid is connected with a computer that stretches the table gently and thus the spine also pulls. This is very helpful in relieving the tension and relaxes the muscles. The patient is asked to lie down for a few minutes before getting up.

What Other Conditions Does It Treat?

This Spinal Decompression Treatment at the Pain Clinic Edmonton is also advantageous for the patients who have pain in the neck that can be caused by a number of reasons.

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