Business · September 2, 2022

Is BigCommerce Good for SEO?

With somewhere around 50,000 current, active BigCommerce websites on the internet, it’s a safe bet to say that it is a popular website platform.

But is BigCommerce good for SEO? 

This is one of the most common BigCommerce and SEO-related queries on Google.

So we asked the BigCommerce SEO experts at Genius eCommerce and this is what we found out.

What BigCommerce Offers That Makes It Easier for Merchants to Optimize Their Online Stores
With respect to whether or not BigCommerce is good for SEO, the platform offers a number of unique features that are relatively easy to optimize. 

For instance, BigCommerce offers: 

● Unique/Easy to edit URLs
BigCommerce automatically generates unique, SEO-friendly URLs with slugs that you can easily adjust pursuant to your keyword strategy. 

● Automatic 301 redirects 
If you change product or page names or update your pages, BigCommerce will automatically create a 301 redirect to send traffic from the old URL to the new page to prevent a dip in traffic.

● Metadata fields that are easy to edit 
Metadata consists of a series of ranking signals that impact organic rankings, and BigCommerce has easy-to-edit metadata fields. 

● Automatically generated microdata 
BigCommerce automatically structures “microdata” which are similar to rich snippets, for each of your product pages, boosting SEO and UX.

● BigCommerce uses a content delivery network (CDN)
A content delivery network loads content as needed on a page instead of loading it all at once – this keeps site speeds faster. 

● Easy to edit product and category pages
Page titles, description fields, and more can all impact both SEO and the user experience while encouraging conversions. BigCommerce, fortunately, makes it easy to edit these things. 

● A built-in blog 
Whether you use it or not (you should) BigCommerce comes with a built-in blog that is easy to configure, optimize, and post. 

● An automatically generated XML sitemap 
A sitemap tells Google what pages are on your website and how they should be crawled and indexed. BigCommerce automatically generates and updates this for you. 

How to Optimize a BigCommerce Site for SEO and Organic Traffic
While BigCommerce is good for SEO (insomuch as it can be) there are still ways you can optimize your BigCommerce store, such as:

● Performing keyword research
● Structuring category and page titles properly
● Optimizing metadata 
● Including keywords in the copy
● Blogging routinely
● Compressing file sizes
● Removing excess code
● Updating images with alt data
● Removing any apps which are outdated, or that you don’t use 
● Optimize URLs
● Optimize image file names

These are only a few of the high-level ways in which you can optimize your BigCommerce store to rank more effectively in the organic search engine rankings – but it’s a good start nonetheless. 

Consult BigCommerce SEO Experts 
This is only to serve as a brief overview regarding some of the SEO-friendly features that BigCommerce offers, and how you as a merchant can best optimize a store built on that eCommerce platform. 

If you still have any questions about BigCommerce and SEO, reach out to the BigCommerce SEO experts at Genius eCommerce via the link above, or get in touch with them directly through 

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