Internet services to be partially restored in J-K today!!!

Internet services to be partially restored in J-K today!!!

As per the recent news, an order has been issued by Jammu and Kashmir’s home department, the Kashmir division will establish an additional 400 internet kiosks. From this Wednesday, gradually internet services will be restarted in Kashmir. Earlier, in some regions, internet connectivity has been restarted but it was not up to mark. According to today’s national news in English, people in Kashmir are living without an internet connection for 100 days.

Earlier on this Tuesday, the Jammu and Kashmir administration issued 2G internet on mobile connectivity on postpaid numbers from 15th January. It was in these five regions of Jammu region. These regions include Jammu, Samba, Udhampur, Kathua, and Reasi. Now, as per the recent news, an order has been passed by the Jammu and Kashmir department in which the Kashmir division establish 400 internet kiosks.

The internet service providers (ISP) will provide the broadband facility to all the institutions where there is a need for the internet and which are dealing with essential service providers only such as hospitals, banks, etc. as well as in the government offices. Before offering such facilities to the institutions, it is important by ISP to install firewalls so that the institutes can serve only the government websites and the websites that are required to operate government institutions such as e-banking. However, with this internet service, users will not be able to connect to social media sites.

The internet services begin just to operate the government institutions that are required internet access to work but only authorized government websites can be accessed with this internet facility. And this is issued from 15th January 2020. According to the notice, it is the responsibility of the government and institutions to prevent the misuse of internet services.

As you know the mobile internet connectivity has been suspended in Jammu and Kashmir for 100 days or even more after the amendment of 370. However, at the same time, for students, the internet through a fixed-line broadband facility was available in the Jammu division. Now, internet services are going to start once again in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to a notice passed on 10th January 2020, it has been directed to review all the services that had been suspended for a long time in Jammu and Kashmir. According to this order, it has been stated that: it is right to access the internet by all the rights mentioned under article 19 of the constitution.

Broadband will be restored on the 15th but still one will not be able to use social media over the internet.

Highlights of today’s national news in English

  • The process will be conducted in phases and it will start by 15th or today.
  • After the top court order, a decision has been taken to partially restore the internet services but people can access only the government websites and they will not be able to use social media.
  • Kashmir has been without any internet services for more than 5 months.

After the blackout of more than 5 months, broadband internet will be partially restored for the institutions in the Kashmir valley. However, the use of the internet is still under lots of restrictions. It has been specified that the institutions are themselves responsible for the right use of the internet by preventing the misuse of it. These institutions have to take the necessary precautions including appointments of nodal officers while keeping records at the same time. It has also been specified the monitor usage while the internet can be accessed by authorized users only.

The access to the internet will be first allowed in the central Kashmir and the region includes the capital state of Kashmir named Srinagar then that will be followed by the north Kashmir which includes the region Kupwara, Bandipora and Baramulla. then after two days, the same will be followed by the south Kashmir which includes regions such as Pulwama, Kulgam, Anantnag, and Shopian. According to today’s national news in English, a review will be conducted after a week then a call will be taken by the Lieutenant governor on the restoration of the cellphone internet. Yes, Kashmir was spending time without the internet since August, therefore, it is big news for all the people who are living in Kashmir.

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