General · April 29, 2021

Interesting Facts to Note About Linen Fabric

Linen cloth material might be a common textile, but very few people actually know much about it. It’s such a popular material that even today, all kinds of material are called linen. The fabric is so precious that ancient Egyptians used it to wrap mummies, leading to the effective preservation of such ancient treasures. Nowadays, linen serves as the suitable fabric for shirts, curtains, tablecloths, and more.

The composition of linen fabric

Linen is a sustainable fabric that comes from flax fibers. Flax fibers are grown in every country across the world. They have been used to derive linen shirt fabric for more than 6,000 years

The plants are either pulled by hand or cut from the ground to extract the fibers. The seeds get removed by the process of winnowing, which comes before retting, whereby the plant stocks and fibers are separated. After the fibers are separated, the longest pieces (can be up to twenty centimeters long) are collected. They are spun into yarns and made into linen shirt fabric eventually.

The benefits of wearing linen

Linen is at least two times stronger than cotton and dries at a faster rate. But that is not even the best part of linen cloth material. The popularity of this fabric stems from the fact that due to its porous nature, linen comes with natural moisture-wicking and heat repellent properties that make it a good conductor of warmth. It is a popular fabric to use for bedding or clothes in the summer.

The natural fibers of linen respond very well to dye colors, even better than many other materials. Thus, it comes as no surprise that linen is available in every imaginable color and is one of the top choices for fashionable clothing.

Taking care of your favorite linen clothes

Linen has a reputation for being wrinkly. So, if you want to keep those wrinkles at bay, be ready to do regular ironing. However, most people prefer to embrace wrinkles because that brings a casual and cool look to the clothes.

Linen keeps softening as you go on wearing it over time, and this is one fabric that never goes out of style. Thus, your love for your favorite linen shirts will only increase over time.