Installing a Water Tank Victoria: How to Keep the Water Clean

Installing a Water Tank Victoria: How to Keep the Water Clean

Are you planning to harvest rain water to create another source of water in your house that can be used for various purposes? You have taken a great decision. It will not only reduce the stress in the main source of water but also ensure that you have enough water to use for gardening, cleaning, washing and for many more.

But only buying a water tank from one of the companies that offer different types of water tanks Victoria and buying one for your home is not enough. You also have to protect the quality of water in your tank. Here we have discussed what you can do to keep your water clean.

  1. Rain heads

Rain heads, also familiar as leaf eaters, are a PVC headpiece that is often installed at the top of the downpipe, which leads water into your water tank. As rainwater flows down a roof and into the gutters, it often collects leaves that then get washed into the pipework leading to your tank. In order to stop leaves from entering the piping, which leads water into your tank, you can install a rain head at the top of a downpipe just below your gutter. As it has a screened opening, it can easily allow water to pass through while deflecting leaves and debris away. It can also help to keep mosquitoes, vermin and frogs out of your pipe system.

  1. Leaf strainers for tank inlets

Located on top of the rain water tank, there is a round hole about 200mm to 500mm in diameter. The pipe works from your gutters lead rainwater to this opening that then flows into your water tank. In case you leave this opening unscreened then leaves, debris, frogs, mosquitoes and the like would enter your water tank. Leaf strainers offer an easy and effective solution to stop this from happening. Depending on your tank model and size, the size of the strainer that you will need to use varies. Your leaf strainer should be strongly fitted for an appropriate protection. The size of holes in the strainer of your tank should be less than 1mm to prevent mosquitoes from getting in.

  1. Overflow screening

Situated at the top of your tank wall is a round hole wide where an overflow pipe is connected to. The overflow pipe of your tank is another way insects and vermin can find their way into your tank, in case left unscreened. In order to protect against creepy crawlies, frogs and mosquitoes climbing up your overflow pipes and making a home in your tank you will require screening. Buy overflow strainer and elbow that you can easily connect to your PVC pipe for protecting your tank’s overflow against entry.

  1. Protecting against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be found in every state of Australia. Moreover, it will rapidly breed where there is an open freshwater supply. A water tank that is not properly screened is just asking for trouble. When buying a strainer or screening, the holes on the meshing needs to be less than 1 mm to stop mosquitoes. They can also be made out of stainless steel to prevent holes from developing through corrosion.

Screening your rain water tanks Bendigo help to keep your water clean. So, focus on the above-mentioned things and ensure clean water in your tank.

Author bio: Lucas Brown is an environmentalist and blogger on rain water tanks Bendigo. In this write-up, he has discussed a few things to do to keep the water clean in water tanks Victoria.

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