General / Technology · November 24, 2022

Why is Instagram Not Loading Pictures?

instagram not loading pictures

Instagram is currently one of the most popular applications. Daily, millions of users spend their maximum time watching posts, including happy, sad, and creative videos. It becomes a great source of entertainment and business, too. It has some tempting services that attract users to it. But what happens if you are scrolling down Instagram and it suddenly stops loading posts and reels? It sounds like a mood spoiler, right? So, we’ll talk about it here and try to find a solution for Instagram is not loading pictures.

Why does Instagram Create issues in Loading Pictures?

There are many reasons that can cause problems for Instagram in loading pictures. Maybe it is because of your phone or maybe because of your Instagram itself. Here you will find the solutions in both ways:

1. Poor Wifi connection: More than half of users use Wi-fi for their net surfing. However, it can occasionally cause problems with their connection. So it is possible that it creates an issue with Instagram photos not loading because of their connection. 

2. On VPN: VPN helps you keep your network private, and nobody can detect that. You can set it to any country or location based on their needs. However, the VPN slowed the network, which is why uploading and downloading take so long. And that, too, can be the reason for Instagram not uploading pictures.

3. Unable permission: All applications need permission in your phone to access your storage, microphone, camera, gallery contacts, and location. If you have not permitted it access then it may be the reason for your problem.

4. Cache overloaded: Our phone has many types of duplicate files, corrupted links, and all types of data that are stored in the cache file. Sometimes users forget to clean the data, and due to overloaded cache files, creates problems in the way applications work.

5. Needed to be upgraded: All apps and servers need to be upgraded. Old versions of any application can cause problems and don’t work properly according to your expectations.

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What is the Solution for the issue of Instagram Not Loading Posts?

Well we have discussed the reasons that can cause this issue, and now we will find the solutions that will help you to spend your quality time on Instagram: 

1. Check your connection: Internet and wi-fi connections are the most important aspects of the web and technology world. Internet access is a must everywhere. So always keep in mind while net surfing that your connection should be properly connected to the network. Whether it is wi-fi, the internet, or a router, Check your source thoroughly; this will also save you time.

2. Allow permission: When you download or install an app, it will ask for access to your storage, gallery, contacts, and so on. Give them that access so the app can run smoothly.

3. Clear the cache: You need to clear your cache and delete all corrupted and duplicate files. When your Instagram works slowly or doesn’t upload posts, you just need to clear your application cache. It will make your application run smoothly.
4. Reinstall the application: Make sure that you are using the current version of your app. the old version of the application can cause the issue and can also work slowly.

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