Business · March 2, 2020

Instagram advertising v/s Facebook advertising

Facebook has more users than Instagram because it is used by people of almost all age groups.  Young users are active on Instagram but you can’t say which platform will bring you benefit. Both platforms are popular, for some products Instagram works better, for some Facebook works better. There are some factors which you need to consider before putting your budget.

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Demographics
  • Creativity

Facebook owes Instagram but there are differences that you must consider when it comes to performance.


Instagram has 800 million monthly users while Facebook has 1.2 billion monthly users. You may perceive that Facebook advertising is better than Instagram advertising but this may not be the case. Hashtags on Instagram can bring your brands in highlights in a short time. It has a strong organic reach.

Facebook is a wise option when you have to increase brand visibility. It is easily possible with a specific age targeting option available in it. Other than age, there are many other targeting options. Location, age, gender, detailed targeting, etc.


Instagram has more organic reach but on Facebook, you need to pay to promote a brand. You can use Instagram in your initial stage. Every other person follows business pages on Instagram. Fashion, styling, makeup, fitness, and all other types of business pages are doing well on Instagram.


Instagram attracts the younger generation so Instagram ads expert has to consider this factor while designing ads on Instagram. On exploring demographics of Facebook you will find users of a wide range 18 to 65. A Facebook ads expert has to narrow down its targeting on Facebook. For instance, women of all ages will not be interested in seeing saree ads on Facebook. Teenage girls are out of this box.


Both platforms offer creative options to build attractive ads. However, Facebook offers more options for customization. You can tailor personalized for a specific group.

Stories are the better option on Instagram to grab the immediate attention of users. It is also available on Facebook but it works well on Instagram.

Now, it must be easy for you to choose a platform after exploring individual aspects of each. Actually no, you still can’t say which platform will bring success to your business. It depends on your business type and needs.

What about running ads on both?

As Facebook owns Instagram, you can run ads on both platforms even if you don’t have an account on Instagram. The option is available on Facebook for that. It is really appreciated as you can kill two birds with one stone.

At the initial stage, you can put things to experiments that can be tailored later according to the situation.  If you see your ad doing better on Instagram stories, you can focus solely on that. The issue of low budget is also easily tackled by Facebook as it transfers budget to the well-performing platform. If Instagram is doing well than Facebook, the budget will be transferred there automatically.


So far we have tried to understand the pros and cons of each platform based on targeting options, reach, creativity, engagement, etc. but still there are a lot of things left to consider like cost and algorithms. The budget is not until you know the tactics. The basic thing to keep in mind is your goal must meet your outcome.