Foods · February 7, 2020

Indian Train Journey and Food


Travelling in Indian railways is an experience unparalleled, some are good and some bad, wallets are snatched and hearts stolen, kids are crying and aunties prying, friends are made and fist-fights happen, cards are played and political discussion made! We are constantly entertained in the train with the events happening nearby and distracted by what’s outside.

Sitting on the window seats with a bunch of friends or just an earphone plugged in, looking right out of the window; a mesmerizing India, the serene beauty, the tranquil seas, the lush green valleys, the grasslands, the rivers, the farms and the forest, stars at the night, far from city lights! It’s as if one can live a dream in every journey!

Amidst all the fun and bizarreness, the one thing that goes missing is Good Food! And a hungry man lashes out for no good reason, ruining the moment!

 “One bad apple spoils the bunch!

A lot of trains do not have a pantry which is no better than the ones having it, as the food served is no better than no food! We might have a hundred problems in our journey, but finally with our e-catering services, finding good food isn’t one of them!

People from all around are cluttered together in a train sharing different tongues and cultures. Some like travelling solo spending their time watching a movie, reading a book, others enjoy travelling in groups. We all still make bonds and get to share together a carefree day out of the everyday hustle; think of it as a picnic in a train, where people from all over the country come together. We share stories, experiences, lifestyles, our differences and our food and Food is the magical ingredient that binds us together!

And ordering good food in train is easier than ever, it’s just a click away.

All that’s required later is a couple of baby steps:

  • Feed in Your PNR/Train Number
  • Select Station
  • Customize Your Menu
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Enjoy Your Yummy Food

If you feel like celebrating an event while you’re travelling, we can accompany you with cakes and food, whether it’s chattering or a game of cards, we can serve delicious snacks; for a family dinner, we have proper meals from A-la-Carte and a variety of items for all occasions to make your journey even more memorable and delicious!

Travelling in trains has never been this convenient for many obvious reasons as it has never been this safe, as it is now in the competent hands of our RPF and special forces!

IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System and eCatering Systems have proven more than effective in saving time and getting what we want at our fingertips! Even the food is ranges in a wide variety from the most common North Indian, South Indian, Jain food, Non-Veg, Chinese, Pizzas, Italian, Continental and many more!

It’s never been such a cake walk arranging food up to our liking for our journeys, now that it is, after all journeys are beginning of something.

And all is well that ends well! And it doesn’t end better than happily ending a journey with a belly full of food! We wish all the passengers a very happy and safe journey and we will be assisting you every step of journey to help you keep your food cravings satisfied!

Bon Voyage!