Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing for your Construction Business

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing for your Construction Business

How Effective are Inbound and Outbound Marketing and which is more Effective?

So you are confused about whether to do inbound vs outbound marketing for your construction business. You might not even know what these kinds of marketing are. Outbound marketing has been around for almost a century ever since tobacco advertising was done for the first time in 1920. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, was first coined by HubSpot’s co-founder and CEO, Brian Halligan in 2005. It was used infrequently on the internet in 2007 and has since become an integral part of most marketing strategies.

So inbound marketing is relatively new and uses newer techniques while outbound marketing uses more traditional methods. Previously, people were not in control of the information that they received; the company disseminating information was. Outbound marketing is old marketing that pushes products and services on people, while the new tactics of inbound marketing try to pique people’s interest.

Now, what is the exact difference between INbound and OUTbound marketing? A clue lies in their names itself.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is used to share engaging and informative content to draw IN your audience in a “magnetic” way. It is a more targeted way of reaching your target audience, specifically those who are actively looking for solutions. This allows your prospects to build a relationship with your brand.

Some examples include social media campaigns, blog posts, email newsletters, community building, public relations, word-of-mouth, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and testimonials.

Why use an inbound marketing strategy

Since the main focus of the posts created for inbound marketing is for educational purposes, it provides value to your target audience. You will also know more about your audience before you start marketing to them. As opposed to outbound marketing, it is also less intrusive, and over time, more cost-effective. In fact many inbound marketing techniques cost nothing at all. With SEO, it is also possible to reach a more targeted audience that would be interested in what you are selling. It works best on customers who are actively in the market looking to buy.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is also called “interruption” or “push” marketing and for a good reason. This type of marketing is used to get a message OUT to a large audience with the intention of attracting at least a few potential buyers. It typically uses traditional marketing techniques and one-way conversation. Some examples include print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, cold calling, direct mail, email blasts, trade shows, and outbound sales calls (cold calls).

Why use an outbound marketing strategy

Outbound marketing shows results a lot faster than outbound marketing, sometimes even instantly. It is a quick way to get a message out to people and build awareness. This is why it is great for the short-term. It is also easier to measure return on investment (ROI). Outbound techniques personalize according to each client or customer, for example, in email marketing. You will have to spend more to market on television, print, radio and other media channels, but your message will be put forward to a larger audience.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing – Which is better?

So now that you know what inbound and outbound marketing is, you are probably wondering which one you should use for marketing. And the answer is both! Outbound marketing pushes promotion onto customers while inbound marketing pulls in customers. Outbound techniques are also a good short-term solution, while inbound techniques are better for long-term. The ultimate objective of both of these types of marketing is to generate leads and drive sales.

If you only use a single type of marketing or a single channel, it can have negative repercussions on your entire marketing strategy. So you shouldn’t choose between one or the other – you should use both. Most businesses use an inbound-focused approach that also makes use of outbound marketing techniques.

There is no one right answer in the debate of inbound vs outbound marketing for your construction business. The methods and techniques vary within the industry itself, by your target audience and according to what your marketing goals are. So, the best way to make use of these marketing types is by combing techniques from both to find a balance that works best for your construction business.

Figuring out the right inbound and outbound marketing mix can be difficult though. By the time you finally figure out the right plan, you might have already invested a lot of time and money. CMGurus is a digital marketing agency for construction companies that offers digital marketing solutions, including for inbound and outbound marketing.

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