In-Store Marketing Ideas for Any Retailer

In-Store Marketing Ideas for Any Retailer

Currently, digital marketing is taking over the marketing industry through social media platforms and you must be investing a lot of your resources to catch up with that. It seems easy and convenient for your brand’s growth but if you own physical stores, in-store marketing holds equal importance.

Studies show that 86% of the people do not mind paying a little extra if they get better customer experience along with it. We are here to help you so that you can use this fact to your advantage and grow sales with offline marketing as well. 

Here are some in-store marketing techniques to grow brand sales and build brand trust:

Provide your customers with a competitive in-store experience

Contests and giveaways are a tried and tested way to engage people, it is proven to be one of the best ways to infuse excitement among your users. The best time to run these contests is the holiday season. People are already relishing the holiday vibe and would be ready to strive in something exciting.

You can give away some holiday giveaways and goodies for encouraging the festive zeal. It will help with the promotion of your store and your brand as well. Nobody leaves a chance to get something for free. You can also combine your online and offline contests for better results and trust-building.

Engage your customers with a social wall

Providing your customers with something new and interesting to engage with is always a good idea. A Social Media Wall is the perfect way to integrate your offline and online marketing campaigns.

A social media digital signage showcases real-time user-generated content in very beautiful and attractive display formats. It is the perfect way to implant the seed of trust in your in-store customers. You can go for content apart from UGC as well, to display the authenticity and reliability of your brand before your visitors. 

You can display various kinds of social proof like:

  • User-Generated Images and Videos

User-Generated Content is not only dynamic and interesting to look at, but is quite trustworthy also. It is created by your brand users who are so happy and satisfied with your products and services that they decide to post it on social media. This is what makes it so genuine and reliable. 

  • Content from your Social Media Campaign 

Your Social Media Campaign is proof of your active social presence, it helps your brand with online user-engagement. It exhibits your brand’s influence on your users. It provides you with content that can work for your social marketing campaigns.

  • Influencer’s Content

Partnering with social media influencers can help you not only with social media marketing but offline in-store marketing as well. You can use their massive follower base to your advantage to influence your in-store followers. It helps you triumph your campaign’s buzz on multiple social media platforms.

  • Offers, Discounts, and Announcements

You can use the wall to display important and exclusive content like discounts, offers and announcements. You can use it to grab people’s attention and help them act on those offers. You can also display store guidelines, store information, sales and special offers.

  • Customer Review Videos

Customer Reviews play an essential role in building a brand. Sometimes it gets very difficult to get video testimonials from the customers. They’re quite busy with their schedules to actually record a video and post it on social media. Video testimonials can be a great idea once they’re at your physical store, you can capture their experience at the point of the sale. You can also galvanize the whole process by giving away some discounts or coupons for all those who provide a review.

Being such an essential part of a brand, customer reviews can help your website too.  You can collect UGC, customer reviews, ratings, and views from multiple social media platforms and reviews website to showcase them on your website with social media aggregator tools like Taggbox.

Seasonal Merchandise Craze

People love to possess limited collections. It gives them the satisfaction of owning something not very common and easy to find. You can use this to engage people with your brand. You can create a feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among your user’s minds. 

Seasonal Merchandise can get you more physical store visits and purchases, hence, increase in your total sales. It will also help you create a buzz and excitement regarding your products and brand. You can definitely give it a try in the holiday season with some holiday-oriented merchandise. 

Take Away

We know that digital marketing is taking over and you must be quite dedicated towards it for your brand, but you should not give up on essential traditional marketing techniques.

These techniques are some proven and effective techniques for a brand that can definitely help you get more traffic and sales. The best way to grow your business can be the integration of both online and offline marketing like Social Walls. These above-mentioned techniques will help you enhance your physical store marketing which will eventually help your brand overall. 

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