Important Precautions That You Should Follow To Avoid Covid-19

Important Precautions That You Should Follow To Avoid Covid-19

As the world gets ready to battle against an enemy that can’t be seen yet it is very dangerous. You should play your role by avoiding all the things that can help in spreading this virus. There are certain precautions that all of us should take during this time of crisis. Consuming foods that are important for your health and doing things that can help in improving your immune system is what you need. 

Consuming foods that can help in boosting your immune system is very important. As there is nothing that can help against this virus. So you should be consuming foods that are rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium. These nutrients are vital for your immune system and if you are looking for that one food that is rich in all of these nutrients then you should start consuming beef bone broth. As it is rich in all nutrients that can help in improving your immune system. 

There are various other things that you should be taking care of during this difficult time where all of us are facing a serious issue. There is nothing else that we can do apart from containing this virus. Covid-19 is transmitted human to human. This makes it more dangerous as it can last of plastic and metal surface for at least 3 days. This is why the following precautions are really important if you want to stay away from this virus. 


Keeping your hands clean is the most important precaution that you should follow. The virus and even bacteria are more attracted to your hands. An average person touches their face for more than 1500 times. During this time we touch various things that can be contaminated. So you should be following a strict hygiene routine if you want to stay healthy and safe from this virus. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap for atleast 20 seconds. As it will in cleaning your hands properly.


Try to avoid all public gatherings. Most cases of Covid-19 don’t show any symptoms for the first 3-5 days. In some cases, it can last up to 12 days untill symptoms show up. So try to avoid public gatherings because you will never know which one of them is infected and which one is not. So try avoiding this as much as you can. 


Consuming healthy foods is also very important as it will help in improving your immune system. Foods like salmon, leafy green vegetables, soups, chicken bone broth, and nuts. These are some of the foods that will help in improving your immune system and they should be a part of your diet. Apart from these foods, there are various others that you can look up to and they will help in improving your immune system. 


Don’t touch your face as it will make things worse for you. As I mentioned before that virus is more attracted to your hands and when you touch your face they will find it easy to enter your body. This is why you should avoid touching your face if you have touched any other surface that might be contaminated. 


If you have travel history then you should isolate yourself for 14 days. Even if you have minor symptoms then you should do self-quarantine and you will get better. Isolating yourself can be difficult because it will lead to stress and depression it will be more difficult if you are an extrovert. Try to find a new hobby and do things that will help in keeping you away from stress. 


So these are some of the precautions that WHO has recommended people to follow. The world is facing a tough situation. Something that people have not seen in a century. There are various things that happened during this time. Still, we were not ready for such a thing. Try to follow the precautions that I have mentioned above and you will be good enough to take proper care of yourself and the others around you. Stay safe and stay inside your home.

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