Important Attire Every Male Dancer Needs In Their Closet

Important Attire Every Male Dancer Needs In Their Closet

For years, local dance supply shops contain plenty of dancing attire meant for girls and women dancers. The aisles are typically filled with tulles, glitters, and pink pieces. It is the reason why most male dancers would have a hard time looking for the right dancewear that they need to move comfortably on the dance floor. They have to make do with what they can find in regular stores—most of which are not entirely for dancing. As a result, they would end up getting clothes that are not dance-friendly. 

Fortunately, more online shops and specialty dancewear stores are starting to provide a wide range of options for boys and men. If you plan to visit these shops for your dancing needs, here are several essential dancewear pieces made specifically for the male dancers. 

Dance Belts 

All male dancers, no matter what age group they belong to, need to wear dance belts under their dancewear. It is supportive underwear made to become invisible under their tight-fitting dance pants. These dance belts usually have a double layer of quilting or fabric or have padding in front. Then most of them are thong-style to hide the visible lines under tight pants, but you can also find several types of dance belts that look like a regular brief. 

Most of the time, these dance garments come in neutral colours, particularly in skin tone, so they will not become obvious when male dancers wear white tights. If you are a male ballet, jazz, or modern dancer, you need to invest in a pair of dance belts.  

Dance Bottoms

Typically, the bottoms used by male dancers are tighter than the ones you wear outside the dance studio. There is a reason why it has to hug the person’s body. Primarily, dance bottoms are tight because the instructors need to see the dancer’s body as they move. It would be challenging for the teachers to evaluate and correct the placement of the dancer if he opts to wear oversized pants while practising the routine. 

One of the most common types of dance bottoms is jazz pants. It is commonly tight-fitting, starting from the hips to the knees, then shifts to either boot-cut or flared when it reaches the ankle. The best materials used for making jazz pants include jersey cotton or spandex. Aside from jazz dance, this type of dance bottom is also ideal to use in ballroom and tap dance. 

Meanwhile, dance tights are mostly for male ballet dancers. But compared to the ones worn by their female counterparts, the men’s dance tights are usually thicker and come in an opaque material. You can also choose between the footed and footless styles, but you can get the convertible styles as well. The male version of ballet tights usually comes in black or white, but you must pick the one that matches the colour of your ballet shoes.   

Dance Tops 

Like dance bottoms, the tops used by male dancers must be tight fitting for more comfortable movements. Items like leotards are easier to wear since they are tight and stay tucked within the bottoms. As a result, male dancers no longer need to worry about continually tucking their tops while in the middle of a routine. 

Aside from leotards, boys and men can also look for dance shirts made from spandex materials. These clothing pieces are usually stretchy and fit almost all body types. These are common in different dances, including tap, ballroom, modern, jazz, and even ballet. When looking for a dance top, you need to make sure that they are long enough to remain tucked into your bottoms. 

Male dancers no longer have to worry about their attire for their next performance, thanks to the proliferation of dancewear stores that offer different options for any size and age groups. These items also come in high-quality materials, which makes your investment more worthwhile. Make sure that you know your right size to ensure that you can move appropriately during all your dance routines and performances. 

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