Importance Of Preconception Health Makes Conception Easy

Importance Of Preconception Health Makes Conception Easy


Are you planning for pregnancy? If yes, you must know that preconception health is essential for both you and especially the baby. You must understand that preconception health is as important as health during pregnancy. Preconception health is for both men and women. It is the time of their reproductive years, i.e., the years they can expect a child. This majorly means you will have to keep yourself fit even before conception.

Pregnancy is never easy on women. Women have to go through a million problems during the 9 months of pregnancy. The intensities of these problems may differ from woman to woman. One reason for this is preconception health. Some women keep themselves healthy during the preconception period, while some do not. For a comparatively easy pregnancy phase, conception, and a healthy child and, of course, the mother, you must keep yourself healthy and during the preconception phase. Visit the most famous hospital in Sonipat where you will be guided through and through right from when you are thinking about conception to delivery.

Here we will tell you some of the healthy habits you must practice during your preconception phase –

  1. Track Your Menstrual Cycle: It is important to track your menstrual cycle to know when you are fertile and when you will be fertile. The first question your doctor will probably ask you is when your last period was. You must be ready with a certain answer to help yourself, and your doctor picks up the ideal suggestions for you.
  2. Sleep tight and eat healthy food: Take an uninterrupted sound sleep of at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Sleep is important because lesser sleep leads to many mental and physical problems and increases stress, which can create many problems in your reproductive life. Always consume healthy food to keep yourself fit. Avoid any junk food possible.
  1. Read about pregnancy, nurturing, and conception: Prepare yourself for the phase you have to go through shortly. You must not be blank when someone asks you how you will take care of your baby and yourself during pregnancy, etc. You must know everything about what you will help to deal with, and you will also get a lot of helpful tips. Since you are reading this article, this is a good start.
  1. Exercise and Practice Relaxation Techniques: Staying fit is very important and actually is the ultimate goal. Try your best to make yourself an ideal woman for conception. It is not very healthy for both you and the baby if you will have to conceive when you are not fit. Do exercises like aerobics, bicycling, swimming, walking or the best you can do is yoga as it is one of the best relaxation techniques. Meditate and keep your mind and body calm and stay stress-free.
  1. Listen to calm and soothing music: There is not much research about this, but it is still suggested to listen to soft music that can keep you calm and not the rock, pop, etc., type of music that can make you more violent. Listen to something soothing and pleasant to hear.
  1. Consume Prenatal vitamins and Folic Acid: For this one, you strictly have to consult your doctor first. It is suggested that you take 400 to 800 mcg of Folic acid daily, but you should still consult with your doctor. Studies have shown that Folic acid drastically reduces the risk of neural tube defects.
  1. Update Your Vaccinations: To carry a disease-free child, the mother must be vaccinated properly. It is crucial to at least go for flu and Rubella shots to a minimum of 1 month before your pregnancy. These two shots are of prime importance.
  1. Optimize Your Medical Conditions: It is vital to consult your doctor before having a child, especially if you have some illness like Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, etc. Also, keep your blood sugar level under control.
  1. Check for Family History: Any health problems in your family related to you must now be overlooked, especially any malformations, genetic diseases, mental retardation, etc. This is a complete study, and if you found something fishy here, your doctor can suggest you accordingly to prevent these from affecting or minimize their effects on your child. Even if they can’t, at least you can stay prepared.
  1. Visit our Doctor Regularly: It is vital to get yourself checked for any problems. It is essential if you or someone in your family has been detected with some illness that can affect your baby.

Here are some of the harmful habits you should strictly avoid –

  1. Smoking and Alcohol: Studies have shown that smoking during preconception by the mother can lead to preterm deliveries, low birth weight, and shockingly is also a reason for the death of 10 % of the infants during pregnancy and conception. Drinking during this period can cause mental problems, premature birth, miscarriage, etc. Keep in mind that there is no safe alcohol and smoking consumption during this period.
  2. Not consulting your doctor if you are on some medication: If you have some illness or are on some medication, it is imperative to consult your doctor about it. If you are on some medication-related to pregnancy, strictly avoid any other medicines unless prescribed by the doctor who knows about your pregnancy situation.
  1. Stress: It is hard to avoid and at the same time is very important to avoid too. Stop anything that brings stress to your life. It would be best if you stayed stress-free during this time. Going outside on short trips, getting a change from your job, spending time with children or older people, friends, etc., can help relieve stress.
  1. Consuming Too Many Vitamins or Nutrients: Many people just read articles like these in different magazines or the internet, and without consulting a doctor, start taking supplements and vitamins. Strictly note that do not consume any of this stuff without consulting your doctor. Too much of these can adversely affect both the mother and the child’s health.
  1. Caffeine: Some studies have shown that chance of a miscarriage is more those who consume caffeine during preconception than those who do not consume caffeine. Any amount more than 200 Mg of Caffeine must be strictly avoided, and it is suggested not to consume Caffeine at all during this phase.
  1. Contact With Toxic Substances: Stay away from dog, cat, or any other pet’s feces. Also, if there are any rodents or insects at your house, get rid of them. This increases the chances of infection, which may not seem a big problem in general, but is a huge problem during pregnancy. Avoid teratogenic chemicals, which are known to cause congenital disabilities. Also, during the 1st three months of the pregnancy, the mother is more prone to pesticides.
  1. Overdoing Exercises: Some women start doing heavy exercises after reading articles. It is important to stay fit, but that does not mean you cramp your muscles. You will require a lot of energy during this period, exercise in appropriate amounts, and take the help of your doctor.


It is vital to plan your pregnancy before you actually have to go through it. Keep reading articles like these to stay updated. Keep in mind the above point, and if stuck anywhere, consult the best gynecologist in Sonipat. We hope this article helped you and got what you were looking for.


  1. How is preconception an important time for men?

Ans- Men need to nourish their male gametes (spermicidal fluid) to increase fertility and fertilization chances. Hence, there are certain things that men should also do during preconception.

  1. Which Vitamin can help in pregnancy?

Ans – Folic acid must be consumed during pregnancy inadequate amounts prescribed by your doctor.

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