Education · June 10, 2022

Importance Of Academic Phrase bank By Manchester University In Academic Writing

As a lecturer, I have seen that many postgraduate students, deficient in writing and research skills, struggle to complete their dissertations successfully. In most cases, the problem is not due to the unavailability of necessary information but to a lack of knowledge about using available information effectively in their dissertation. As much as the Internet is flooded with academic language phrases, the Academic phrase bank by Manchester University is very useful for any academic writing. This website offers the essential building blocks for articulating ideas clearly and correctly. It aims to provide examples of some of the phraseological “nuts and bolts” of writing organised according to the main sections of a research paper or dissertation. You can structure the information on site according to your own needs or within existing course materials.

Importance Of Using Academic Phrasebank In Academic Research

The use of phrase bank can help design the proper academic research format. Using different phrases in academic writing may help detect plagiarism. The students need to produce high-quality educational content. It will help the students develop an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. It also helps align with the resources that help conduct compelling research. However, the student may take help from the best assignment writing services to ensure high-quality research. Their experts will also analyse it to ensure that the language expressions reflect formal expressions. The student must not blindly rely on using phrases from the Academic phrase bank. The importance of using the Academic phrase bank is explain in different sections.

Practical Ideas to Write Academic Research

The Academic phrase bank must be download and install to get instant access using Microsoft Word. The first step toward writing is to build a structure. The writing structure contains different sections, also referred to as a theme. The mechanism to extract an automated piece or installation of the research using an academic phrasebook is to find and access “Writing Ideas”. An academic assignment may consist of a different theme and design. However, using a phrase bank can help in utilising a proper structural format for the study. The appropriate theme and structure of academic writing can help students win decent grades.

Definition and Explanation of Phrases and Keywords

Academic phrase bank in Microsoft Word is a convenient way to identify the definition and explanation of different terms, including phrases and keywords. The use of the phrase bank will help in avoiding plagiarism. Removing plagiarism in reports and resolutions remains challenging as they are essential for the research. The description of keywords and terminologies helps the reader to develop an understanding. Including an explanation of terminologies in the study is to ensure that the reader may form a complete understanding of the topic.

Identify Generic and Weak Statements

Using an Academic phrase bank helps identify the generic and weak statements in the research. The use of generic messages may distract the reader and the author from the subject matter. Therefore, the ineffective research may not achieve the desired aim and objectives of the research writing. Consequently, it is essential to use authentic and relevant information to make the research relevant to the subject matter. The use of generic statements may confuse the readers.

Moreover, the weak statements may lead to building weak arguments. Research that contains invalid arguments losses its authenticity. Therefore, it can be stated that the Academic resource phrase bank helps conduct adequate and relevant research. It analyses and identifies the weak and generic statements. These statements need to be re-analysed by the author to ensure that their arguments must be logical, valid and relevant to the subject matter.

Proper Academic Structure of Research Work

There are several patterns and themes to conducting academic research. The researcher can use any of the prescribed structural formats. Also, it helps identify the categories and sections in the context and divide them into different themes and structures.

Correct Use of Language Expression

The academic writing style is formal and direct. We recommend using the present tense in academic studies. The resource phrase bank maintained by the University of Manchester helps improve the research. It helps identify the use of informal language expressions. Also, the text specified by the phrase bank must be carefully reviewed. The research does not contain any informal speech or expression. A single statement may ruin the whole research context. However, the informal expression needs to be addressed cautiously. The research must create a flow in the formal language expression. It is also recommended to use different dictionaries. These dictionaries may include the use of Thesaurus, Oxford dictionary and Michael Swan’s guide.

Academic Style

The academic research needs to be according to the literary writing style. It must follow the guidelines and instructions required to complete the research. The student may get help from the academic phrase bank to ensure that the research format follows the academic guidelines. Moreover, it may also help to use the referencing style instructed by your professor. Lack of compliance with the formatting instructions may lead to poor grades. Conclusion

No matter what academic path you choose after your bachelor’s, a large part of your success will be dependent on the quality of the writing you produce. If you don’t have good enough content, your research may not show the actual results that you expected. If this happens, then it is likely that your reputation will be affected, and future opportunities can be jeopardized. Having access to a well-written phrase bank like this can help you become much better at producing top-quality academic work.

The use of academic phrase bank in academic writing has several advantages. The students who have used this resource have reported improvement in the quality of their writing. They also claim they do not need to spend much time drafting the essays. They can now save more time for other activities in their college life. Students can do self-editing using it, and as a result, they produce better papers.