Home Decor · November 27, 2020

Ideas to refresh your home with original art

home decor art

The decor in your home speaks volumes about you as a person. However, while we can all express ourselves with wallpapers, flooring, or furniture, nothing makes a louder style statement than the art and pictures we feature around our homes.

Placing interesting art around a room can completely transform the focus and ambience of the space—often bringing prominence to a particular area, wall, or feature. By choosing pieces which truly reflect you as a person, you can make a personal mark on a room and express your inner style.

If you’re finding you’re growing tired of the same old layout and four walls, rather than redecorating, why not try these different approaches to help lift a room and make a statement about you as a person.

Using a map as art

When is a map more than just a map? When it’s a map transformed into art showing a place special to you. You could choose the location where you and your partner met—or perhaps an unforgettable holiday from years ago—or maybe where he/she proposed to you. Whatever the reason, so long as the location is special to you it becomes a statement of your life. Cartography is an artwork in itself but with a modern take, even the most barren and featureless map can be transformed into a spectacular feature piece in any room. Sites such as craftoak.com feature an online editor to allow you to make your own bespoke map design, as well as having a huge selection of pre-made maps if you’re lacking inspiration.

Mix it up and make a gallery wall

There’s no reason to just limit yourself to hanging individual pieces. In fact, when placed together and arranged with care, a gallery wall can become a great talking point and a way to sum up different aspects of your life. Choose works that complement each other—both in color and subject—for the best results. And if you want to increase the visual interest, try experimenting with different sizes of images or styles of frame.

Go big with large-frame artwork

Adding large-frame artwork to one of the bigger, emptier walls in your home can completely transform the ambience and focus of a room. Large artwork works best when it complements the other colors in your room. Try drawing out shades or hues from other soft furnishings in a room to add a more cohesive effect to the entire space. For example, you might pick a picture with similar colors to your curtains, sofa, or other furniture. Check online to learn the basics of color theory and how to choose complementary colors.

Choose personal travel memory art

Choosing artwork that reminds you of a special trip away can be a great way to evoke memories of a holiday without having to dig out the photo album. In particular, the soothing tones of water or sunsets can instantly transport you back to that special time, while also lending a calming feel to a room.

Pictures of plants

Houseplants have been proven to have a calming effect on humans, but sometimes it’s just too much hassle looking after real-life shrubs or flowers. Instead, why not try putting up some plant-related artwork on your walls to improve your mood and concentration levels while also reducing stress?