Education · November 23, 2022

How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay follows a structural pattern, and you must write it like that. Many students fall short when their professors assign an argumentative essay as their assignment. Therefore, they search for Assignment Help agencies front of them.

However, to know about argumentative essays and to write a good argumentative essay by yourself, you must first know what argumentation is. To get clarity about the whole topic, this blog will first talk about what argumentation is and then provide you with some tips to follow to compose a great argumentative essay. Well, if you feel you need more help and live in Hong Kong, you can take the assistance of Assignment Helper Service in Hong Kong.

What Is Argumentation?

Argumentation is a social procedure. Arguing includes two or more persons answering to one another’s declaration and back for such a claim. The argument is not generally reiterating the same declarations and reasons; instead, it backs, develops, or defends positions accordingly. As a technique, arguments stretch out depending on the offerings of the dialogue participants.

Argumentation targets to attain adhesion from an audience. People argue to attain consent for their positions. The world is packed with ambiguous situations that argument ventures to become more certain. Argumentation is a listener and audience-headed activity—even if the audience remains just one person. Ultimately, one wants to influence the audience to behave on the advanced declaration, whether to stimulate action or attain backing.

The argument is craftsmanship. As a craft, the argument has procedures and general standards; therefore is a learned craft. Although there are recommended instructions and argumentative equipment, there is no science of argument.

Argument comprises disputed issues. As a mode of persuasion, the argument has persuasion as the main aim. The argument does not arise where there is agreement.

Argument gorges much of peoples’ lives. Whether or not people understand, an argument prevails in each person’s life. People waste time arguing about what to eat, who to invite, when to do a certain, and where to go.

An argumentative essay is a form of argument composed as an essay. Students normally have very little idea about argumentative essays. Therefore, they hire essayists present in the assignment help agencies near them who assist them at a very low price.

Now here are some structural tips to follow while writing an argumentative essay.

The Structure To Follow While Writing An Argumentative Essay

AN argumentative essay is quite different from a normal essay. General essay writing does not require much research, but argumentative writing requires deeper research to establish your theory. Many students can’t perfectly create an argumentative essay; thus, they ask for the assistance of Assignment Helper Service in Hong Kong.

However, here is a structural pattern that is generally used in argumentative essay writing;

  • Introduction

Every essay must have an introduction. Similarly, an argumentative essay also requires an introduction. Moreover, the introduction you are providing must be short and crisp. It must not contain half of the word count you are provided with. You can use one-third of your provided word count to write your introduction. However, your introduction must contain some of the background stories of your topic.

  • Body Paragraph

The body paragraph is the heart of an argumentative essay. Here you require putting every point and your statement. If you think writing an effective body paragraph is not your cup of tea, look for Assignment Help Hong Kong. Besides this body paragraph can be several paragraphs, but each paragraph must contain the following things;

  • Statement

The first line of your body paragraph must contain your statement sentence which you are claiming to be right. And remember, it must be one sentence only.

  • Backing Up

You have to put the information you gathered to back your statement sentence. Remember that the information you showcase must be the latest and relevant to the topic.

  • Rebuttal

Now you need to put the others through that do not match with you.

  • Conclusion

One sentence that exerts your statement.

  • Conclusion

You need to conclude the essay by stating your point, and no new theories will be added.

  • Reference List

No essay is completed without a reference list. The stated information must be cited on a separate page at the end.

Summing Up

If you think you cannot write an argumentative essay on your own, seek the assistance of the assignment help agencies.