How to surprise someone on their Birthdays

How to surprise someone on their Birthdays

Is your special person’s birthday coming up? Is he/ She close to your heart? Wanted to surprise them? With this article, you will know how to surprise your loved ones.

Everyone wants something great on their birthdays. The gift we present should not reach their expectations. A gift is something which is bound with all the feelings, message, and encouragement. You can find different types of gifts below.

Writing a note to the person

Writing a note to your special person is the best way to express your feelings. Instead of just giving a traditional card, write the person a small letter which conveys a great message to your loved ones. You can leave it on there bed below the pillow, mail it to them if you live far away, give it to them in person, or talk to a co-worker to put it on their desk or work station. 

Decorate with Balloons

Decorate a room full of balloons and make them come to the place. Blow the balloons, and then fill all of them in a cupboard, or in the person’s closet. When they open the door, they will be showered in all the balloons. When he/she opens it, all the balloons fall on them, creating excitement.

Bake a favorite cake or Order cake online

Bake their favorite cake by yourself. If you take some time and bake a cake to them, it shows your love and affection towards them. But sometimes it is not possible to bake a cake. In those cases, you can buy a cake online using online cake and flower delivery in Dubai. Make them cut the cake in between all the loved ones.

Collect letters from their loved ones

Collect the birthday letters or messages to convey them from their loved ones and friends as a photo and collage them for the best look. These notes can be generally good wishes, memories, song lyrics, inside jokes, lists – whatever the person wants to share with the birthday person.

Decorate their usual place with flowers and flowers bouquet 

Decorate the person’s room or bed with there favorite flowers. You can Buy flowers online and present them when they reach the room. Flower Bouquets shows our feeling towards them. There will be different flower bouquets for different relations. Now You can send flowers online to Dubai, Sharjah, or where ever they are in the world.  Leave a surprise by the bed when he/she wakes, at his/her’s desk in the office.

Planning a surprise party

Decorate the party room with all the flowers and balloons to make them feel special. Decorating with your own hands will show you interest and love towards the. Order flowers and cakes online till the time of cake cutting. It should be a sudden surprise when the delivery boy comes and deliver the cake and flower bouquet to your hands at the exact time.

Nowadays, everything is online. But you have to know how to surprise your loved ones uniquely. Flowers speak everything on your behalf. Gifting a person with flowers on special occasions will convey your feelings. There are different flowers to gift like Valentine’s day flowers, birthday flowers, wedding anniversary flowers and more. If you want to send birthday cake and flowers delivery in dubai then buy online from They provide express delivery services.

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