How To Successfully Manage the Storage of Rugs!

How To Successfully Manage the Storage of Rugs!

Rugs are not only considered as home decoration elements but they are also known for comfort and warmth. This product can be laid down or removed depending on the season or desire. The rugs have the mobility nature as it can be easily rolled up at any time or you can leave it for storage in a separate room of your house.

Storing modern area rugs is a responsible business. Otherwise, the product has irrevocably deteriorated due to improper preparation and placement. If you store an unused rug correctly, it is not afraid of moths, mold, the influence of the external environment. Therefore, it is essential to find a suitable place in order to exclude the slightest likelihood of a musty smell. In addition, it is also necessary to take care of these issues in order to extend the service life, to preserve the appearance and texture.

So, before you send a rug or storage, there are many points to consider when packing it and choosing a place where it will be placed.

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Tips for Managing the Storage of Rugs

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Rugs
  2. Resort a Special Insect Spray
  3. Use a Reliable Protection from Moths
  4. Tightly Roll Up The Rugs
  5. Wrap Rugs in a Protective Fabric
  6. Store the Rugs in a Cool or Dry environment
  7. Conclusion
  8. Tips for Managing the Storage of Rugs

Thoroughly Clean the Rugs

Before storing the rugs, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the pile. The cleaning procedure can be performed on your own or you can turn to professional rugs dry cleaning at home performed by specialists of the cleaning service. A thorough dry cleaning is able to completely eliminate all types of contamination. The workers will completely remove large, small debris, dust, as well as eliminate stains, slightest signs of insects and dust mites. Remember, the rug must undergo a general cleaning procedure every year whether you are using it or not. Each type of rug is cleaned according to its own special technology.

Resort a Special Insect Spray

Before rolling the rugs, it is recommended to resort to a special insect spray, which is available in any household chemicals stores. Usually, people make a typical mistake by simply rolling up the rugs. Rolling up a rug directly will cause cracks in the folding area, hair loss, and bald patches. Before being sent for storage, a rug of any composition must be well cleaned, dried and processed from moths. Otherwise, it can cause irreparable harm in a short time.

Use a Reliable Protection from Moths

In order to prevent the reproduction of moths and the appearance of larvae, it is necessary to use special protective equipment. Plates, aerosols and moth fragrances of industrial production have proven themselves well. It is more correct to spread the natural fabric over its entire area and then roll up the rug along with the layer. In dry, hot or frosty weather, you should take the rugs outside for ventilation. The ideal option would be to take it out in severe frost so the mustiness will disappear from it and the moth is guaranteed to die.

Tightly Roll Up The Rugs

Folding rugs can create creases, cracks, and other damages. Therefore, it is recommended that roll up the rugs into an even cylinder. A smart decision is to roll up into a tube. This is done exclusively in the direction of the fibers. For ease of use, we recommend using a strip of suitable length. Preventing common mistakes during rolling up means extending the life of the rugs. It would be good if you roll your rug with the pile facing inward as it is more delicate and keeps your rugs clean and fresh.

Wrap Rugs in a Protective Fabric

Wrapping a rug in a protective fabric will help in transporting it if you want to. This is an extra layer of protection that helps in keeping the bugs, dust, and other elements away. Before rolling up the rugs, it would be good if you wrap it in a cotton sheet and then secure this sheet with polyester twill tape. In case, if you need expert-level protection, you can wrap the rugs in a polyurethane rug wrap. Such rug wraps are basically designed to provide a superior barrier against insects.

Store the Rugs in a Cool or Dry environment

A high level of humidity is dangerous due to the increased development of microorganisms, the appearance of mold, the loss of bright colours, the appearance of a musty odour, and the destruction of the product. Pollution, organic residues attract pests and create an environment for the development of insects. To lay the rug for long-term storage, you need to choose rooms with normal humidity, shutting the windows with blinds or blackout curtains from the bright sun. Therefore, place the rugs in cold and dry environments.


Whether you purchase luxury rugs online or offline, remember that the room in which the rugs are stored should also not be damp. When storing for a long time, it is recommended to unfold the rugs a couple of times a year to give the pile a breath. You will need to spread the canvas in a well-ventilated room or in an outdoor shaded area.

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