How to Submit Guest Post by All Writers Destination

How to Submit Guest Post by All Writers Destination

If you are reading this material then you must be blogging for quite some time or you may just be a little curious about the different ways by which you can reach your target audience. You being a marketer must be aware of the importance of unique content more than anyone else. Chances are, you already have some good-quality blog posts for your audience and your social feeds must be sharing that content with them but there must be some set of people who are not aware of who you are as they don’t visit your website. Hence, it becomes all the more important to reach them and this is where guest posting comes into the picture. One of the leading platforms such as All Writers Destination can help you reaching them as it allows guest posting on varied niches.


Guest posting as the name suggests is to write for someone else’s blog or site. The guest writer owns his/her blog but creates a unique and original post on another blog or site. The best part of the guest post is the fact that it is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process. It increases your chances to be found over different platforms by involving different strategies. You can start guest posting on any of the good platforms. There are plenty of good platforms such as All Writers Destination which shows no bias towards any writer and all they want is unique and original content.


Before you start guest posting you should have a pretty good idea of what editors are looking for in a good guest posting content. While making your content you should make sure that you should not digress from the topic and your content should be relevant in all respects. The chances of irrelevant content getting rejected can be clearly understood but it is the unique and novel ideas that will help you get more work. Hence, focus on writing something novel without digressing from the topic.


While making your content, your chances of speaking too much about yourself can never be ruled out. It is indeed, the main concern of almost every editor as 79 percent of them agree and complain about the content being too promotional. While submitting your guest post you should not be self-obsessed about you or your company instead you should let your readers be the star of the conversion. You should understand that editors want to add value to their readers by bringing original ideas and not to your organization.


Before submitting your content you should understand the importance of different content formats besides written posts. Written content is undoubtedly one of the most effective forms of content but the idea of sidelining the video content format, infographics and podcasts can’t be advised as every kind of format has its place. The bottom line is to know what will work best for your audience by making the content that is easy to consume and has the potential of reaching to a large extent of audience.

Conclusion: Guest posting means to write for someone else’s blog or site and it is a win-win situation for all the persons involved in the process including the writer writing the guest posts. Before submitting your first guest post you should make sure that it has all the elements that any leading guest posting website such as All Writers Destination and others would love to look for such as writing a novel, relevant and original content besides being not a narcissist conversation and choosing the right content format.

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