How to Struggle During and After Chemical Treatment?

How to Struggle During and After Chemical Treatment?

Girls who have got these chemical treatments know the struggle behind the beautiful straight and glossy hair.  You must have seen girls flaunting with straight hair in parties, workplace, etc. and may have envied them. Those are not always natural hair dear. Many girls undergo treatments like rebonding and keratin to get that ultimate look.

The point is you can also get the same look if you really want to have it. But there are several struggles that you have to face during and after the treatment. So, if you are super busy women, schedule accordingly. It doesn’t mean that you have a battle or something but you have to be very cautious afterward. If you are a person falling in the category of careless people, you have to make sure you can inculcate new things. To help in the same, here is a list of struggle and how to overcome it –

  • Sitting of six long hours

Yes, any treatment demands at least 3 hours if not 6 but you have to be patient for that matter.  Yah! It could be dreadful for fun-loving people otherwise also it is physically and mentally a painful process.  After a long tiring week, nobody would like to spend her weekends this way.

But think this way- anyhow you planned your day for Netflix, why not to make it more productive.  When you visit a parlor, look around to examine comfort level. In case you abstain yourself digitally, talk to your stylist if he or she is talkative your time will easily pass. Also, ask your stylist to give you a comfortable environment because you are going to be there for at least six hours.

  • No shampooing for three days

After that tiring session, your stylist will ask you to avoid shampoo for three days. Yes, you heard it right, but here you have to keep that urge away. What happens is, chemicals take time to settle down in your hair, so it takes three or more days to seep in your hair. If you cheat and wash your hair on the second day after treatment, all your money will also flow along with dirt.

Don’t worry about the itchy scalp; there is a remedy that can give you relief from it without going wet. Go for dry shampoos and feel light. These are easily available on any drug store but make sure, it should be of highest to avoid any kind of hair damage.

  • Urge to tuck hair behind ears

Freshly treated hair is soft and slippery. You may feel irritated after the treatment because you can’t tie your hair, you can’t even put it behind your ears. Curves may appear in between if you do so. You have to do it for three months and it is a long duration.

If you want to avoid this struggle, plan your hair treatment in winters instead of summers. In winter you can easily manage open hair but in summer it will kill you. Prefer clutch rather tie, gently pull your hair behind and clutch it (not for longer duration).

  • Hair damage

Hair damage is the biggest fear since you have chosen chemical treatment but you can keep hair damage at bay with proper conditioner. Use the best quality of conditioner and you’ll have a beautiful result.

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