General · April 18, 2020

How to Start a Coworking Space

Coworking is real-estate potential. This has become a worldwide phenomenon, where many entrepreneurs, developers, freelancers, etc. choose to work out shared office space to create their community / network and use the facilities that come with it as well. Many businessmen want to be a part of this revolution and have begun to give other businesses or masters their free space to work out of. Every day is a networking experience for a individual working out of a Coworking room. The enormous potential it provides to collaborate and co-operate with people in and around the industry is the latest consumer vogue.

Most entrepreneurs/startup founders may wonder how a coworking can be started and run, this blog will give you a few tips to keep in mind when doing so. Coworking the concept seems exciting but there are a range of issues to consider such as funding, the business model, recovery plan for the money spent by the investors and many more. A few considerations to keep in mind when starting the coworking space are listed below, but first have your vision and mission ready before you start the basic steps.


For your workspace to stand out from the rest of the competitors, a prominent and convenient location is necessary. Most leaders and workers would prefer an accessible venue that is closer to their business opportunities. So bear in mind again the goal members that you have in mind! Once you have the location shortlisted, you can employ a broker / agent on your behalf who will search for properties in the area. Check if the property is within your budget. Visit the properties a few times before finalizing the property and even visit current coworking spaces. Room is one of the key ingredients of shared office and you don’t want to compromise on that.

Lease the Property

When you have selected the house, finish the legal and paperwork as soon as possible. Get your lawyer to get the legal papers checked. Decide whether to buy the property or rent it out depending on your relationship with the landlord.

Hire some professionals

This is one of the most exciting moves in the entire process. Get an expert to check the building, note- you don’t want a house or premises that are defective. Hire an architect or interior designer who will make the office the way the market wants it these days-members are the king because the company is Coworking! The biggest benefit for the company is an office space that everyone wants to come work out of every day. Ensure that the architecture is lively, funky and cheerful with simple facilities such as conference rooms, pantry, break-out areas etc. In the present situation, furnished offices are the requirements for office rooms.


Networking inside and outside the culture respectively. Be a crowd puller, and have the renders ready for a presentation. Understand what the group wants, and why they are best suited for your room. You want a few members already hooked on before full-fledged launch.


Let people become aware of your latest company. Let the marketing department come up with a catchy name and make sure the branding is in place, then advertise the same-suggested ways will be Radio advertising, coming soon banners at famous places, circulating fliers, hosting events and the most relevant point-digital marketing, people literally live on the internet these days so no better way to bring this to their attention.