How to show your mum you care this festive season

How to show your mum you care this festive season

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it’s that time of year when you usually get to spend quality time with your mum. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 showing no signs of abating any time soon, you might have to make some alterations to your usual festive itinerary. If COVID restrictions prevent you from spending the festive season with your mum this year, don’t feel too sad: there are plenty of ways to keep in contact. Here is how to show your mum you care this festive season.

Talk to her on the phone or on video chat

There’s nothing quite like the sound of your mum’s voice if you’re not feeling 100% and are missing home. Call your mum on a regular basis for a chat, helping you to keep in the know with all the family gossip and talk through any problems you might have. You could even go one step further and have some face to face contact with a video chat. FaceTime is a classic video call app, or you could even host a family Zoom meeting with other members of your family that you can’t be with. After getting over the initial awkwardness, it will soon feel like an ordinary family gathering!

Send her some flowers

Sending your mum a nice bunch of flowers is a tried and tested method of showing how much you care. There are many types of bouquets and flowers to choose from to suit your mum’s taste, whether that is a nice bunch of roses or a trendy succulent. An online florist such as will organise the delivery if you are unable to deliver your bouquet in person. Simply go online and choose the flowers you would like, and a local florist will deliver them right to your mum’s door, complete with your own personalized message.

Send her a greetings card

At this time of the year, many people send each other greetings cards, whether that is to wish each other a Merry Christmas or a happy New Year. When writing a greetings card for your mum, take a bit of extra time to consider writing something more than a generic message. An attractive card with a nice illustration, complete with a heartfelt message, could be an ideal way of telling your mum exactly what she means to you and how much you care about her.

Surprise her with a visit if safe to do so

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it might be a bit tricky to enjoy your usual intimate celebrations with your mum; however, you can still surprise her with a visit if it is safe to do so with a bit of ingenuity. You could go out for a long walk together, allowing you to spend time together whilst remaining socially distanced. Or, simply try and communicate at the front door – you’ll both feel better for seeing each other.

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