How to Shop For the Right Bathroom Vanity

How to Shop For the Right Bathroom Vanity

Does your master bathroom or powder room asking for some urgent overhaul? Well, shopping for a brand new bathroom vanity is a fantastic place to begin. The vanity you select can fully makeover a bathroom’s aesthetics and unify the space effortlessly. Here are some pro tips for finding the best bathroom vanity in Sydney to suit your preferences.

Typically, bathroom vanities have the below-mentioned measurements:

  • Width – Normally, bathroom vanities are available from 12 inches to 84 inches wide; however, popular models range from 24-inches to 72 inches.
  • Height – Bathroom vanity’s height range between 31 inches and 36 inches.
  • Depth – Bathroom vanity’s depth vary between 17 inches and 24 inches.

Shop by Bathroom Vanity Widths:

Smaller bathrooms and powder rooms look good with small bathroom vanities and single sinks. Ideal widths for vanity vary from slim 24-inch designs to little broader 36-inch styles. For smaller and compact areas, a 30-inch bathroom vanity is the trendiest option that provides some minimal countertop space for toiletries and essentials. As per your bathroom’s dimensions and your liking, you may want to opt for a 42-inch or 48-inch single-sink vanity for some more elbow room.

Shop by Bathroom Vanity Height:

Height is equally important as width when it comes to selecting the right vanity for your bathroom. Vanities with 36 inches height are likely to work better for adults and this specific size is generally cited as the comfortable height. However, some bathroom vanities are just 31 inches, which accommodates other specific needs. 36 Inches is perfect and aid averting unnecessary back strain for most of the adults. This can also be a smart choice for children’s bathrooms in the long-run, as they can use step stools to assist them to reach the sink until they are grown.

Shop for the Perfect Countertop:

What type of countertop will be perfect for your bathroom? Well, numerous things affect this decision such as your inclination for the design and style, usage and budget. For heavy-use master and secondary bathrooms, you’ll likely want countertops that are stain-resistant and crafted for toughness such as white quartz and granite.

If you’re looking for a compact guest bathroom or powder room, which won’t have a regular use – here you can choose decorative but porous countertops made out of marble, wood or concrete. Nonetheless, you can go for laminate or ceramic if you have a tighter budget, as both are excellent economical choices that are comparatively easier to set up.

When selecting the vanity top, follow your design and style instinct. Vanity tops should be, preferably, an inch wider and deeper than the vanity cabinet itself. Well, when you’re mixing and matching tops and bases, measuring your bathroom space is vital and a significant part of finding the right fit.

Nonetheless, if you’re confused between the choices, then just go with quartz, which is an intelligent option. It is robust and its non-porous finish is more stain and bacteria-resistant.

Admired Bathroom Vanity Styles:

Nowadays, bathroom vanities are available in an array of design and styles to harmonise your entire home decor. Besides, you can design custom made vanities as per your use pattern and preferences. Well, you’ll never go wrong by selecting from the proven traditional favourites with slatted doors and wood-heavy construction creating a feeling of longing, or revive your space with modern pieces constructed with popular details and shapes. With louvred cabinet doors and wide panelling, contemporary vanities reflect mid-century styling. And transitional vanities merge these mid-century influences with the newest innovations for added flexibility. Regardless of the look, you decide to go with; these designs add their distinctive appeal to your bathrooms and lend the right mix of function and form.


Lighting is a vital part of every room including the bathroom. Allow your aesthetic instincts to help you in picking a style that reflects your unique preference. From energetic bath bars to sleek metallic fixtures and sconces with three or more bulbs, these designs light your master and guest bathrooms to perfection. Whether you prefer frosted glass, mixed metals, exposed bulbs or ornate details, these much-needed lights border your vanity and cheer up your morning and evening chores. Buy electrical fixtures that are UL rated for damp or wet locations like the bathroom area.

The Bottom Line:

When you have the right bathroom vanity, shower, mixer tap and other bathroom accessories installed in your bathroom, your daily routines become more enjoyable.

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