Construction of a building or house can be a tricky business. Once you decide to build a house, the primary thing you need to take care of is the basic elements like brick and bars. TMT bars come with paramount strength. But, it is easy to fool the public with low-quality bars. Hence, the dream of your living space may shatter within no time.

Your dream home is our dream home,  be the motto of Kiscol TMT bars. The best TMT bar providers in and around Tamil Nadu. 100% quality is assured by the supreme quality sellers of Tamil Nadu. What makes Kiscol TMT bars special is its high quality and an ISO certification.

While you work on the construction, we will realize that getting materials is not a difficulty. But to find the best quality materials are nearly impossible. TMT bars are usually thermally treated to avoid corrosion. But, it is a misconception that they do not corrode. Kiscol TMT bars are widely used for reinforcement structures, rapid transport systems, bridges and buildings. Until this date, there was no complaint filed against the quality of their products.

While you choose the best TMT bars, the most important factor is its strength and ductility. The Kiscol TMT bars are astounding with its balance in strength and ductility. Ductility is the amount in which it is stretched and Kiscol TMT bars showcase an amazing property of flexibility. This is the sole reason for Kiscol TMT bars to top the business. KISCOL TMT Bars provide very high strengths with comparatively higher Elongation Values along with better Ductility as compared to other Rebars.

Moreover, do you know that our country is prone to earthquakes? Hence, when you choose the top quality TMT bars, make sure it has the best ductile feature to absorb and withstand the seismicity. This is the question of your roof above the head. It is a matter of your loved ones. One mistake from your side can destroy your home. This is why choosing the best TMT bars is important. And, Kiscol TMT bars is the best in Tamil Nadu providing high-quality TMT bars in Tamil Nadu.

Kiscol achieves the elongation requirement in the recent amendment to IS 1786 for earthquake resistance. KISCOL TURBO TMT bars have better Corrosion Resistance property than normal CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed) Bars. In TMT Bars, the fine layer of scale forms a protective layer thereby preventing further corrosion, whereas, in CTD Bars, this initial layer of scale falls during the Twisting process.

Coming to the second important factor, Grading of iron bars. This means that a range of grading such as  Fe 415 to  Fe 600 is available in the market. When you want to buy the best suitable TMT bars, go for Fe 500D. This shows the right amount of strength and flexibility. The least grade will have the least strength and high flexibility and vice versa with the highest amount.

Kiscol TMT bars provide the correct suitable TMT bars for the construction of your dream building and any other structures. Quality is the symbol of Kiscol. KISCOL TMT FE500 bars are manufactured in German EVCON TURBO technology process.  KISCOL TMT bars are supplied in uniform length and breadth. We are very much pleased by the people from all the sectors widely accepted our bars as the best selection.

We consider customer’s acceptance as our biggest success for our growth.

An ISO certification is an additional yet vital feature of a TMT bar. With an ISO 9001: 2001, Kisco is undoubtedly your best choice for the best quality TMT bars in Tamil Nadu.

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