How to Remove a Tree Stump effortlessly?

How to Remove a Tree Stump effortlessly?

First, pour the tree stump removal chemicals in the stump

Pour three to four ounces of tree stump removal chemicals into drilled holes and fill them with water. This process will take between four to six weeks

Drill holes in the stump using a 1 inch’s spade bit with a bit extension. The 12 inches’ deep holes are drilled all around the perimeter of the stump. Also, drill 3 to 4 inches’ holes back from the edge and similar ones down from the rim at a 45-degree angle to connect the two sets of holes.

They’ll help in the rotting process and as vent holes for burning.

You can remove a tree stump while using a powered stump grinder. The other method is to purchase a tree removal chemical at a home or garden center. Potassium nitrate speeds up the rotting process. You pour potassium nitrate particles into the holes and fill them with water.

In about six weeks, the stump will feel spongy. Remember to keep children and pets away. After the six weeks, you can break apart the rotten stump with an ax.

How to get rid of tree roots

After cutting down the stump, what left are the roots of the tree. They can be easily removed (alongside the remaining stump) by pouring kerosene into the holes. Wait until the liquid permeates the entire wood (in a few weeks). Then light it up. It will smolder for a short period, probably days producing charcoal.

To be safe, ensure, the place is enveloped in the wire while removing leaves that have fallen nearby.

What items do you need for tree stump removal?

These are some of the items you’ll need for the tree removal DIY.

  • Safety glasses
  • Extension cord
  • Corded drill
  • 12 in. bit extension

Also, you’ll need the stump removal chemicals (you can buy at a home or garden center)

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