How To (Really) Get Thousands Of Youtube Subscribers

How To (Really) Get Thousands Of Youtube Subscribers

According to the research, about 30 million people hit YouTube every day and about 5 billion daily video views that’s the reason YouTube is becoming a trend nowadays as a career. But only creating channel and posting videos do not serve you everything. You need to buy subscribers on youtube (For more info visit here: Buying subscribers doesn’t mean to charge for subscription, keep the subscription free of charge but attract the people to hit the subscribe button of your channel. 

Here are some useful ways through which you can really get thousands of subscribers for your channel:

1. Promote your Channel: The first thing you need to do is to promote your channel. Only posting good content is not the key to get subscribers, you need to bring your channel into everyone’s knowledge. 

Some people search the tricks to increase the subscribers in a short period and usually get trap into fake tricks. Many of them come across attractive headings like “Increase your subscribers to 1000 in few seconds”. These are just pranks or tricks. When you will follow their steps you will probably do editing on chrome which will show the increased number of subscribers only to you. It doesn’t change the number of subscribers on YouTube’s algorithm.

So don’t try these tricks instead promote your channel as much as you can. Start with your friends and the known ones. 

  • Share your videos on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Share your video’s link in the comment section of the related videos so that people can come across and explore your channel
  • Try to share your video as much as you can on the related posts

2. Weekly Post: Only buying YouTube subscriber is not going to work, you also need to retain them. The people subscribe to your channel to get updated about your videos. So make sure you post at least one video in a week. This will not only help you to retain your subscribers but also help you to gain new subscribers. Also, try to come with the fresh content or the content that is in public demand.

3. Talk less Deliver More: When it comes to gain subscribers you need to think from the spectator’s point of view. No one is interested in the long introduction as people get boredom and don’t want to continue watching as they already have a lot of options available. So when it comes to the introduction part of the video keep it small which contains only the required information. 

For example, if you are making videos on songs then don’t keep a lot of music in the beginning. Similarly, if you are demonstrating anything and have nothing to elaborate then don’t keep the background silent instead put some music which is liked by almost everyone. It makes the video more interesting.

4. Solid Content: Make sure that whatever you deliver is something different whether it is an educational video or funny or roasting video. You need to focus on the content as well because the content attracts the subscribers. Keep your video short. Don’t make the video of a long duration unnecessarily.

Make sure that your title of video matches or moves around the keywords searched by the viewers.

Try to make a playlist if it’s an educational video as it will be easy for viewers to visit your other videos as well.

So overall you just need to focus on the content you provide and promotion of your channel.

I hope it helps!!

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