Education · June 2, 2021

How to Prepare for NEET 2021

The preparation for NEET 2021 encompasses a vast number of topics that an aspirant must cover. Through this article, we aim to address the queries on NEET preparation for all the candidates looking forward to NEET 2021.

Each candidate has personal preferences when it comes to preparation for NEET and they start at various stages. Some seek to be the early birds in their preparation, while some students first focus on the exams for their Class 12 board. There is a different preparation strategy for all these stages.

NEET preparation is virtually incomplete if one does not have at least some amount of revision notes. The syllabus for NEET is so vast that it is difficult for an individual to dedicate hours behind a chapter and got through it more than once while they are in their preparation phase. This is where the revision notes come in, and these ensure that the students stay in touch with all the subjects and chapters when they are preparing for NEET. The revision notes are helpful for a quick chapter-wise recap of the subjects.

Giving their best shot at the examination is what every candidate wants while appearing for NEET. But not can manage to get amongst the top mark scorers. The hard work done by the student might not be the deciding factor here but the preparation strategy can surely impact the score. Starting early is vital when it comes to achieving good results in NEET, which will help you strengthen the foundation of the topics and provide a better understanding of the concepts. Getting an early start will allow you to have sufficient time for your NEET preparation and avoid the need to rush it altogether.

Many NEET aspirants take the help of neet coaching classes to start their journey of becoming a doctor. The study schedule that coaching centres provided is always comprehensive but along with that, self-study is also important to crack NEET. Students must strike a balance between self-study and the schedule of their coaching classes. Overlook your minute mistakes can be costly and thus it is highly recommended to identify such mistakes and rectify them along with working on the weaker subjects and finer aspects of your preparation to achieve maximum score in NEET.

Every subject in NEET 2021 preparation needs a unique approach. Many candidates often end up in a difficult situation by assuming that a common strategy will work for all three subjects. A different preparation strategy has to be formulated for every subject, where the nature of questions expected to be asked in each subject has to be kept in mind. Here is a subject-wise breakdown of important things to be kept in mind while preparing for NEET 2021.


Understanding the topics by gaining conceptual clarity is more important in Physics rather than memorizing things. In order to solve challenging numerical problems, theoretical knowledge has to be developed and applied. Make a habit of solving a diverse set of questions that cover various different topics, so that you get a general idea regarding what is kind of question it is, what formula you should apply and what steps you need to execute when you encounter such a question. This will improve your time management when solving the sums in the exam. Regularly focus on enhancing speed and accuracy can be done through practicing numerical problems which can definitely help in increasing your analysing power and will enable you to find the solution to the problem. A list can be made for all formulae which can be revised once every day. Solving a numerical based on every formula will also help you remember it. For some more relevant questions you can refer NCERT exemplar questions.


The main practice strategy for NEET Chemistry consists of practicing, understanding, and memorizing. Get complete control over NCERT material after which you can move to other relevant sources. For exposure to a diverse set of topics, you can always refer to coaching modules. Attempting and practising new questions is the way to go here as well. Studying various reaction mechanisms is the key, including learning the named reactions. For better practise and speedy reference, you can prepare your own notes while studying.


Go through each line of NCERT material. After that, you can cover modules given by the coaching institutes, notes from the lecture, etc. Maximum information from all the best possible sources for a topic should be collated together to ace the topic. The next step is to solve as many questions on that topic as possible. Keep on solving questions chapter-wise and then topic-wise. Solve as many papers as possible for thorough and rigorous revision. Diagrams have to be practised on a priority along with their all-important labellings. If you have prepared your own notes you can go through that as well.