Sports · March 9, 2020

How to Play Washers Game under 3 Hole Washers Board Rules?

For entertainment in the backyard or on the beach, many people looking for summertime fun are playing the three-hole washer game. This game requires the use of boards with each board having three drilled holes. Players toss small metal washers in an attempt to get them through the holes in the boards. The portable boards sit best on short grass, but they can also be placed on gravel, sand and other level surfaces for a fun time wherever you and your friends go.

When you are taking the game on a serious note, say like a professional game, it’s necessary to play as per the rules and regulations. Today, there are many people worldwide who are opting for a 2-hole washers game or a 3-hole washers game. In most cases, many experts suggest playing washers game under 3 hole washers board rules. Wondering, why? It’s because of these rules have some revised additions recommended by popular cornhole agencies like ACA, PDGA, and others.

In this article, let’s have a look at 3 hole washers board rules.


Before playing Washers game, read about the game setup, player input, and scoring.

Place the boards opposite to each other so that all of the holes form a straight line. Separate the boards so that there is a 10-foot distance between the front edges of the boards.

Players must toss their washers with both feet either on the washer board or next to it. Moving past the front of the board is considered a foul and will result in the loss of a turn.


Three-hole washer toss can be either one-on-one or two-on-two sport. If the players are playing individually, they each start at one washer board for one round, and then switch sides and shoot from the other washer board for the next round.

For team players, teammates stand at opposite washer boards and toss from the same board the entire game. For either game, each player throws three washers per round. One player throws all three washers, and then the other player throws his or her three washers.

Washer’s Game Scoring

  • 5 points – Washer is tossed into the farthest hole.
  • 3 points – Washer is tossed into the middle hole.
  • 1 point – Washer is tossed into the nearest hole.
  • 0 points – Washer does not land into a washer hole.

Final Thoughts

Hence, it’s all about playing washers game under the set of predefined rules and regulations to act upon your core skills. If you are looking for complete information on 3 hole washers board rules, feel free to connect with USA’s Washers Game!