Tour and Travels · September 10, 2019

How to plan a romantic getaway to Himachal

As newlywed couples embark of their journey of togetherness, a honeymoon is always on the cards. While some people love to beach holidays, others are truly intrigued by the idea of sweet escapades in the ancient cities. And going by the trends, the mountain holidays have been the biggest trends when it comes to planning a romantic getaway. Himachal with its snow-capped mountains, jaw-dropping beauty, and a cultural inclination is one of the most exotic holidays one can have in the mountain. From the stunning Bir to the popular Shimla, holy Dharamshala to the spiritual Spiti – Himachal has emerged as a perfect itinerary for the newlyweds to connect and bond while traveling. As you start finding the perfect package for your honeymoon, here are some perfect ideas on how to plan a romantic getaway to Himachal.

Keep your documents ready!

In the web world, every booking happens on the internet. Although you have your smartphones and laptop ready for you, it is always wise to carry a copy of your documents in paper format. Himachal being a hill station experiences changing weather conditions at all times. And the internet connection might not support you at all time during your travel. To keep your journey fulfilling, carry a copy of your Photo ID proofs, cab details, hotel bookings, passes, etc in a file and keep it handy. It shall help you share the details at the right time and place to carry the journey ahead – hassle-free!

Plan the holiday in advance

A holiday in Himachal has to be planned as per the weather conditions. While the districts of Kullu, Shimla, Chamba, Kaza, and Spiti are pleasant during the summers, these are largely snow-covered and cold during the winters. The areas of Kangra, Solan, Bilaspur, etc remain warm during summers and pleasant to cold during winters. Make sure you check on the weather conditions and make the bookings with the luxury hotels and flights in advance. Advanced bookings help you get the best of deals to keep the holiday under budget. Moreover, when the trip is pre-planned there are fewer chances of anything going wrong when you are with your partner to immerse into the joy of hill stations. Draft an itinerary! Draft your itinerary carefully! You do want to explore Himachal but don’t want to keep running from one place to another with your partner. Start from the lowest cities like Kullu, Manali, Jagatsukh, etc and then march to either the Parvati valley region or Bir, Dharamshala, etc. You can even book a Manali honeymoon Package beforehand if you want a hassle free and easy stay. Pick up the places you want to visit in Himachal and dedicate good time to these places to lounge comfortably and experience the life of the place. When visiting Himachal Shimla, Manali, Kaza Valley, Parvati Valley, Bir-Billing, Chamba, Dharamshala, McLeodganj, Spiti, etc are some of the prominent places that are popular today for an excruciate journey into the wild. Pick up the right accommodation Where you stay defines your experience of the place. And when you are traveling with your partner for the first time, you do not want it to be anything less than exotic. To truly find accommodations that promise you quality time with your partner in a safe place – look for the luxury hotels and resorts of the hill stations you want to visit. Have a check on the location, facilities, amenities, safety guidelines and also the reviews of the resorts on the internet. Pick a place only when you are assured of your stay is comfortable, safe and truly exciting. There are luxury cottages, hostels, and holiday homes as well for travelers to connect to nature in truly enigmatic locations. Taste the local cuisine Himachali food is truly a cuisine that one would love to devour on their journey to hill stations. Although the state has several hill stations that have a large number of cafes and restaurants serving food from all parts of the world, the charm of Himachal food although is found only in some. One can explore the beauty of local cuisine when they meet up with the local-sites and visit the villages for their regional taste. The local food like Dham, Sidu, Thenthuk, Kullu Trout, Thukpa, Chicken Anardana, fish curry, etc are made with the local ingredients and have a distinct style of cooking which is worth a try! Visit the village homes or the local restaurants to enjoy the taste of Himachali food on your stay here. Keep it light A honeymoon is no reason to carry big trolley bags and gets frustrated with the amount of luggage. As honeymoon is the time when you are going to spend a lot of time with your partner and just relax in the beauty of the hills, it makes sense to travel light. Travel with only the essentials and keep your luggage light. It shall make your trip hassle-free. Moreover, when you are off for a trek, jungle safari, paragliding or other adventurous activities, it always becomes an enjoyable experience when you have fewer things to carry and worry about. Stay safe! Traveling anywhere in the world comes with its sense of responsibility. When in Himachal, take notice of the regional lifestyle and adapt to the timings that the local people follow. In the hills, the day begins early and the people generally aren’t much active after dusk. Adhere to these timings of the places, dress up according to the region and travel with your documents to keep your journey always in your favor. As you are traveling with your partner for the first time ensure that you are not taking too much risk around the place. For a romantic getaway to Himachal, take time out to plan your trip wisely. Research on the places you want to travel, book with the finest of hotels and keep your itinerary rather simple. Because when you are out for your honeymoon, the focus should be on your partner and the beauty of the hills where you both can relax and unwind. Make the most of your time with your partner in Himachal!