Lifestyle · December 28, 2019

How To Pick The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

People wish to color their hair. But, they don’t know which color will suit them well. Also, some people have no idea on how to choose the right color for their skin and other features of their body. The wide range of products at Indus valley website helps in finding the right color for each individual. One of the most popular options is dark brown hair dye. It is now easily available online with quick delivery service.

Tips to pick the right hair color for skin tone

  1. Find out your skin tone

If you are willing to get color on your hair, it is always good to identify your skin tone. Some people may also don’t have a perfect idea about their skin tone. But, there is a wonderful trick to find out the skin tone. Following is the tip:

  • Look at the wrist of you had on the same side where your palm exists. If you can see purple or blue veins, it means you have cool skin tone
  • Again try this for another person. If you can see greenish tone, it means you have warm undertones.
  • There are some people who have both color of veins. This means they are having neutral tone
  1. Hair color for dark skin tones

People with dark skin tone mostly suffer from a complex from all those who have fair skin complexion.They have an opinion that all the colours do not go with their complexion.Thus getting the right type of skin colour is really important. But, at the same time the preference should be the hair colours without chemicals.Following is the right type of colour that you can consider:

  • Cool skin tone- The colors that will suit you the best are rich blacks, red browns and icy dark browns.
  • Warmer and golden tone- If you are within this category, the hair colors that will suite you the best is copper or mahogany.
  1. Colour selection for fair and cool skin tone

Most people have a combination of fair skin with cooler skin tone. For all these people golden is one of the variations which will look really flattering.  These people have a lot of pink as well as blue undertones. If you choose the golden colour, this will minimize the redness in your skin.

There are many people who have fair skin tone and at the same time they have warm skin tone. For all these people the golden copper is the colour to choose. It is good to avail the hues that are cool.  The hair color without chemicals is something you must consider. The colours that you can consider over here are beige brown, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, golden copper, etc,

The dark brown hair dye is easily available in the market. All you have to do is choose the right place and the brand. The Indus valley website is the best place. Also they don’t use any chemicals. The natural dyes are available in affordable rate.